Halo Infinite: All information about crossplay & cross progression

 Halo Infinite lets you play together across platforms thanks to crossplay. We'll tell you how to do this here.

Halo Infinite: All information about crossplay & cross progression

Crossplay in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite offers cross-play between all available platforms : Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC. You can simply invite your friends in the multiplayer menu via the “+” under your fire team and then throw yourself into multiplayer games together.

You don't have to activate crossplay first, cross-platform play is active in the game by default.

Can I disable crossplay?

You don't want to compete with the controller against PC players with mouse and keyboard ? Then unfortunately we have bad news for you: In the game itself there is no option to deactivate crossplay. However, you don't even see which input devices people are playing with. In contrast to Battlefield 2042 or Call of Duty Warzone, the platform is not displayed next to the player name.

However, there is a system setting on the Xbox to disable crossplay in all games :

  • Open the guide with the Xbox button, switch to “Profile and System” and open the settings
  • Then go to Account> Privacy & Online Security> Xbox Privacy> View & Customize Details> Communication & Multiplayer
  • Now set the second option “You can now join a cross-network game” to “Block”

This should completely disable crossplay . However, since no platforms of the players are displayed in the game, we could not verify whether crossplay in Halo Infinite is really disabled with this setting. It is worth a try, however.

Only in the ranked games can you set which input devices you want to compete against, for example only to be matched against other controller players. You cannot completely deactivate crossplay there either. You can find out exactly how ranked games work and how you set up matchmaking in our big ranked guide to Halo Infinite .

Is there cross progression in Halo Infinite?

In addition to crossplay, Halo Infinite also offers cross progression , so that you can access your entire game progress across platforms . So if you play Halo Infinite first on the PC and later switch to an Xbox, you will take all unlocks and level increases with you.

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