Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Complete solution for all cases of the main story

 Morality comes into play when the truth creates consequences and that is subjective. You can take this sentence from Sherlock Holmes Chapter One to heart, because it has never been truer than in this game. Together with Sherlock Holmes and his friend Jon you travel to his (fictional) hometown Cordana and have to solve several main cases. Therefore, in this walkthrough, we will guide you through the story and show you all the solutions for evidence, research, analysis and conclusions.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Complete solution for all cases of the main story

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: All main cases at a glance

In the game "Sherlock Holmes Chapter One" you travel together with Sherlock Holmes and his friend Jon in Sherlock's hometown Cordana to solve the mystery of Violet Holmes death. However, this is more complicated than expected as you will have to rely on multiple people to bring back memories.

To do this, however, you first have to solve the appropriate cases. Every time you have completed a main case, you get a new piece for your house and can unlock a new memory. You can only start the finale when all the memories have been collected. There are five main cases in total:

The main case "Mother's Love" is a special case as it is activated every time you have completed one of the other main cases. It is divided into five parts as it represents the beginning and the end of the game.

as this is a walkthrough, there will be some spoilers included. We tried to omit the story as much as possible, but this is with the key moments such as "Who was the culprit?" not possible.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: Tips and Hints

So that you are well prepared for your detective hunt, we have listed some tips below to make the game easier for you:

  • Always pay attention to which red symbols are floating above the evidence in the case folder. These show you whether you can do something with the evidence and what you have to do with it.

  • During the bandit fights you can use the snuffbox to incapacitate several bandits.

  • Jon and his diary takes on the role of Sherlock's conscience. There you can see whether Jon is satisfied with Sherlock's services and decisions or not and you can get a tip.

  • You can blame anyone you have enough evidence for and close the case. Even if it may not be the culprit they are looking for.

  • You can also borrow clothes . This is always possible for one piece and is practical when you are short of cash.

  • Since Sherlock has neither a horse nor any other means of transport, you should unlock as many fast travel points as possible in order to get around faster.

  • The more often you successfully solve a chemical analysis, the more processes are available to you and make the solution formula easier.

  • As soon as the message "Key Hints Received" appears, you have gathered enough evidence to accuse someone. Whether it is enough to reach the correct conclusion or looking for "got all clues" is up to you.

  • All side cases and Cordona stories can not be missed and can be played at a later time. However, you have to play them before the finals start.

  • There is a maximum of 15 manual saves. We recommend that you use this if you regret a decision afterwards, as the autosave file is not always helpful.

  • Before you start the finale, you should have done everything that is on your mind. Because even if the game has an open world, you won't return - unless you have a manual save.

Now you are well prepared to get started in the game. On the following pages we will show you all the solutions and possible ways and endings for the individual main cases. On the next page we start with the first case, "Ghosts of the Past".

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