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 human or demon? The shadow hunter in Lost Ark fights with great blades and transforms into a demon on occasion. We explain to you what the shadow hunter is all about.

What class is this? The shadow hunter is one of two subclasses of the assassin. She holds a sword in each hand, which is why she deals damage to her opponents quickly. She also has a few attacks that can be used from the medium range.

Her armor and hit points are low compared to other classes, which is why she takes a lot of damage. In fact, it is one of the classes with the lowest life points in the game. Also, while outside of her demon form, she is relatively immobile and has long cooldowns on her dodge abilities.

The special thing about the shadow hunter is the so-called shadow-bursting display. When this is filled, you can press Y and turn the character into a demon for a few seconds. In order to fill the gauge, you must perform Invade abilities. Examples include Demonic Clone and Ascending Claw. 

In demonic mode, you benefit from demonic abilities, which deal a lot of damage and have large AoE fields. In addition, the switch heals 20% of your current HP and gives you 20% more movement speed. As a demoness, you are also immune to staggering. 

After a while, you turn back into a human. The cooldown before the Shadow Burst Gauge can refill is 30 seconds. This cooldown can be bypassed in the endgame with engraving.


  • Benefits of Demonic Mode
  • Versatile skill set and high mobility as a demon
  • Changeable


  • Little defense
  • Shade Burst Gauge cooldown
  • Long cooldowns

What content is it useful for? The Shadow Hunter excels in PvE, dealing high damage and quickly defeating large numbers of enemies. If she takes too much damage, you can dodge and use her midrange attacks. The class belongs to the A tier on our PvE tier list. 

On the PvP version of the list, she's in area B. She's not bad, but she's not perfect in PvP either. Her variety makes it difficult for opponents to anticipate what the Shadow Hunter will do next. You can use this to your advantage.

The Shadowhunter as a Demon
The Shadowhunter as a Demon

All Shadowhunter skills

Demolition: Costs 80 mana. Dash forward and damage the opponent. Can be used up to 3 times in a row, dealing more damage each time.

Brutal Cross: Costs 61 mana. Swing your weapon forward and knock enemies away. 

Piercing Thorn: Costs 91 mana. Spikes shoot out of the ground within a 12-meter radius. (invade skill)

Demon Grasp: Costs 85 mana. A demonic claw shoots forward, pulling enemies towards you. (invade skill)

Demon Vision: Costs 101 mana. Death Ray (chargeable) to deal as much damage as possible. (invade skill)

Demonic Clone: Costs 67 mana. Become a big demon for a short time and hit the opponent twice. (invade skill)

Demonic Strike: Costs 61 mana. Shoot forward to deal damage multiple times. (invade skill)

Decimate Costs 108 mana. Summon demon arms to damage your opponent.

Soaring Claw: Costs 67 mana. Dash forward and throw enemies into the air. (Invade Skill and Counter Skill )

Swift Slash: Costs 45 mana. Perform 3 forward slashes.

Sharpened Cut: Costs 85 mana. Move forward 9 meters while quickly spinning and dealing damage.

Cruel Cut: Costs 85 mana. Throw your weapon forward. Enemies in the air are knocked back into the air on hit.

Howl: Costs 114 mana. Damage enemies and put them in Fear for 2 seconds.

Grinding Chain: Costs 67 mana. Throw your weapon like a boomerang, dealing damage in both directions.

Slasher: Costs 53 mana. Swing your weapon up and down, dealing damage in both directions. 

Thrust Impact: Costs 85 mana. Pull enemies in with a burst of your weapon, then push yourself away from them. Both deal damage.

Whirling Weapon: Costs 101 mana. Weapon spins, dealing damage. Can be used several times. 

Whirling Leap: Costs 80 mana. Spin and jump while striking multiple times. Pushes opponents away.

Abilities in demon form

In Shadowhunter Demon form, your abilities generally have no mana cost, so you can spam as much as you want here.

Ruining Dash: Charge forward and perform a claw attack.

Deathclaw: Claw attack followed by an uppercut.

Destruction: Unleash latent energy within you. Deals massive amounts of damage.

Bloodletting: Multiple claw attacks while moving forward.

Leaping Strike: Leap towards the enemy and slam the ground to unleash a shockwave.
Blood Massacre: Explosion that deals massive amounts of damage.

You also get your revival at level 50 after a quest line, your Ultimate, so to speak. For the Shadowhunter, that's the Eruption Gate ability. She causes a large, demonic eye to appear and explode, dealing massive damage.

The shadow hunter in the leveling process

How should I allocate my first skill points? It is important when distributing the points that you never have to bring the skill levels higher than level 10. Skill level 4 is required for the first tripod, skill level 8 for the second, and skill level 10 for the third.

Level 12: At the beginning, you put 4 points on Demonic Strike and 4 points on Demonic Clone. 

Up to level 21: 48 points on Impact to do a lot of AoE damage.

Up to level 29: 20 points each on Cruel Strike and Demonic Clone, then more points on Cruel Strike until the ability is level 10.

Up to level 38: At level 36 you unlock Sharpened Cut. You put 20 points on it.

Up to level 45: 48 points on howling, for as much AoE damage as possible.

Up to level 48: You put the remaining points on Demonic Clone to reach level 10.

By the way, you can always reset the skill points for free if you don't like the play style. For example, you can also prefer Demonic Clone in the level phase and replace the cruel blow with it.

This is what the final build looks like
This is what the final build looks like

The shadow hunter in the endgame

In the endgame, there are two different ways of playing the shadow hunter. You can finally decide between human and demon, which gives you different advantages and disadvantages. Both builds basically focus on generating as much demonic energy as possible but then spend it differently.

Perfect Suppression:. If you choose this class engraving, your character can no longer enter demonic mode. Still, the build focuses on building demonic energy to then use as a boost to normal abilities. 20% of demon energy is then used to cause some of your attacks to deal up to +200% more damage.

When it comes to equipment, you pay attention to the values ​​crit and agility, with crit being the more important of the two.

A downside to playing this way is that you only have one awakening ability, as the others are tied to demon form. 

Your rotation begins with the Eruption Gates Awakening to refill all of your energy. Then use Howl to cause the enemy to take 6% more damage for 8 seconds. 

This is followed by your burst skills. However, you should not have more than two of these in your build, otherwise, you will run out of energy and you will not be able to regenerate it quickly enough. The Burst Skills are Demolition, Cruel Slash, Swift Slash, and Whirling Weapon.

Demonic Impulse. With this class engraving, you decide to play as a demon. The 30-second cooldown after the demonic mode is gone, means you can fill the Shadow Burst Gauge all the time.

In human form, you now try to quickly fill your display. Right before you change into demon form, you start to howl. You now use demonic abilities, which Howl increases by 6%. 

As a demon, you then use the appropriate skills and try to play off the cooldowns. For example, Blood Massacre, Leaping Blow, and Bloodletting in a row is a good place to start.

When demonic mode ends, the rotation starts over.

Since you are fast as a demon, the speed value in your equipment is less important here. Instead, pay attention to crit and specialization, with the latter being more important than crit.

Then you use other skills to bridge the time until you have collected enough energy again. Now the rotation can start all over again.

What do you think of the Shadowhunter? Have you already played them and arrived in the endgame? If so, what style of play did you choose? Which skills do you use? Or is the shadow hunter not for you and you choose one of the other classes? Feel free to write us a comment.