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Vampire Survivors Hyper Mode Guide: How to Unlock, Which Weapon to Use to Win


Vampire Survivors Hyper Mode Guide: How to Unlock, Which Weapon to Use to Win

Vampire Survivors is a top-down action game where you have to fight hordes of evil spirits. And although the hero shoots automatically, it can be difficult to survive. And for those who have already mastered this game, there is a Hyper-mode (Hyper Mode), which takes the complexity to a new level. We dedicated this guide to him.

What is Hyper Mode in Vampire Survivors

Hyper-mode is available in three locations - Mad Forest (Mad Forest), Mosaic Library (Inlaid Library), and Green Acres (Green Acres). Here the main character and all his opponents move much faster than usual. In addition, on the Green Acres map, enemies have 50% more health than usual. Your task is to survive for 30 minutes.

While playing in Hyper Mode, the number of coins received is increased by 50%. When you fight in the Inlaid Library or Green Acres, your luck is increased by 10%. For completing the map in this mode, you will receive 500 coins.

How to unlock Hyper Mode in Vampire Survivors

The conditions for unlocking Hyper Mode vary by map.

  • Mad Forest. The hyper mode will become available after you kill the boss, which appears at the 25th minute of the battle;
  • Mosaic Library (Inlaid Library). To open the Hyper Mode, you need to upgrade the character to level 20 on the Crazy Forest map;
  • Green Acres. Once you unlock Hyper Mode for Crazy Forest and Mosaic Library, it will become available for this map as well.

How to Survive in Hyper Mode

It is necessary to maximize the damage of the main character. Wings, which increase the speed of the player, are not needed here, because he is already moving quickly. Armor (Armor) and Pummarola (Pummarola), which increases the speed of recovery of health, are also ineffective. And Garlic has a low leveling ceiling, which also makes him useless.

The best weapon for passing Hyper-mode:

  • Royal Bible (King Bible). It rotates around the player and deals damage to all enemies near him;
  • Magic wand (Magic Wand). Projectiles from this weapon hit the nearest enemy;
  • Fire wand (Fire Wand). Flames will attack a random enemy;
  • Knife. It flies in the same direction as the player is moving.

We talked more about weapons in Vampire Survivors in a separate guide.

The best support items for passing Hyper-mode:

  • Spinach (Spinach). It increases your damage by 10% per level;
  • Empty book (Empty Tome). This item reduces the time between two shots of your weapon by 8% per level.
The best option for passing the Hyper-mode is a combination of the Fire Wand (Fire Wand) level 8 and Spinach (Spinach) level 5. Other bundles of weapons and support items are less effective.