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Weird West beginners guide: how to farm money, increase reputation, steal with impunity, expand inventory, get all the weapons and clothes in the game


Weird West beginners guide: how to farm money, increase reputation, steal with impunity, expand inventory, get all the weapons and clothes in the game

Weird West is an isometric action game where you have to fight bandits, local law enforcement officers, and various monsters. There are a lot of interesting mechanics in the game: from hunting and stealing to leveling up skills. We have prepared a detailed guide in which we will share the main tips for the game.

How to open the world map and unlock new regions

The world map in Weird West is quite large. In the beginning, all locations on the map will be hidden by fog, but you can unlock them as you progress through the game. Since you'll be playing as multiple heroes, it's best to do this when playing through as the first character.

If you are going on a long journey, stock up on ammo and bandages, as well as upgrade your equipment and weapons. This will help you face various dangers, from wild beasts and bandits to ghosts and zombies. New locations on the map are marked with an exclamation mark.

How to restore health in Weird West with bandages, cacti, cooked food, and drinking water

At the beginning of the game, you will not be able to stock up on bandages and elixirs, so you will have to look for other ways to restore health. In almost any location you can use:

  1. Cacti: Some cacti have edible fruits that restore vitality. Others can be pierced and the juice drunk.
  2. Drinking water: barrels and buckets of drinking water are almost everywhere. Be careful not to overturn the vessel and spill the liquid.
  3. Food: Cooked food is a good alternative to bandages. Sometimes it can be found in the pockets of enemies you kill, but in most cases, you will have to cook the dishes yourself. To do this, you need raw ingredients - meat, eggs, or vegetables.

Where to find Fossilized relics and upgrade the abilities of heroes
Fossilized relics in Weird West help you acquire abilities for your hero. It is worth noting that each character will have to upgrade skills separately.

Most often, such items are found in locked boxes and chests, as well as scattered across remote parts of story locations. For example, you will find the first fossilized relic on the roof of the saloon in the still destroyed Birdhouse. We indicated the location of most of the fossilized relics in a step-by-step walkthrough of the game.

Where to Find Golden Aces of Spades and Get Hero Perks

Golden Aces of Spades are for obtaining special skills in the "Privileges" section. Unlike fossilized relics, perks apply to all characters. This means that the more you find such items at the beginning of the game, the more privileges will be available to subsequent heroes.

Typically, these items can be found in locked chests and drawers. Often you will find them in foreign territory, where it is difficult to get to. How to find all the golden aces of spades, we told in a separate guide.

How to Make Money Fast Weird West

Money in Weird West will be needed at first when you need to dress and equip your character. In the future, they will only be needed to replenish ammunition, purchase consumables, and relics.

Additional assignments and contracts

The easiest way to earn money is to complete additional tasks and contracts. Basically, side quests are monotonous, but among them, there are also unique tasks with an original plot. Completing such tasks can bring not only money but also change the reputation of your hero. How to complete all the side quests in Weird West is explained in this guide.

As for contracts, the tasks to eliminate criminals are always of the same type. You need to find a fugitive repeat offender, kill him or arrest him. For completing each contract, you will definitely receive additional reputation points. You can take the task in any active city. Such cities are marked with a special icon.

To arrest a suspect, it is enough to sneak up on him, stun him and handcuff him. If his accomplices notice you, they will start a shootout.

Collecting and Selling Items

In the game, you can assign any item to yourself, then sell it to a merchant and get money. Since the inventory capacity is limited, we recommend collecting not piece items, but things that stack. For example, spoons, badges, food, and drink. Do not pay attention to the actual cost of the goods, as the real price from merchants will be much lower.

Selling weapons is also not worth it. It is best to dismantle it and get ammo because you have to participate in many firefights.

Who to sell items to:

  • All junk can be sold at the General store, which is in every city;
  • Medicines and elixirs can be sold to the doctor in the Doctor's office;
  • Clothes, bows, and animal skins will be gladly taken by the tailor. There is such a merchant in every city or camp;
  • Weapons and explosives are accepted at the gun store ;
  • Amulets and amulets cannot be sold in ordinary stores. To implement them, you will need to find wandering merchants. It is impossible to specifically find them, as they appear while traveling through the open world as a random event.

Mining of copper, silver, and gold ore

Traveling through the open world, you will discover locations with mines. Some mines are occupied by robbers and robbers, while others are inhabited by ordinary people. In any case, when exploring adits, you will stumble upon deposits of copper, silver, or gold. To get a resource, you have to get a pickaxe. The tool can often be found in the mines themselves or purchased from the General store.

It is worth noting that the pickaxe, like the shovel, is of limited quality. Once the tool breaks, it will be useless.

Ore is needed not only to earn money but also to improve weapons. How to improve guns with ore, we described below. After mining some nuggets, return to the city and use the smelter to get ingots. So you will increase the cost of the mineral and be able to sell it at a higher price in the bank.

Search for caches and treasures

Sometimes you will find treasure maps that open access to new locations. To use the map, just open your inventory and interact with it. At this moment, an additional task will appear in the task log, as well as the location icon on the global map.

Usually, on such maps, you will have to defeat several enemies. It can be both animals and evil spirits, and robbers. When you clear the location, inspect it and find a white cross. It can be located on rocks or trees. Next to this cross is a cache. Use the shovel to get the treasure.

How to farm money and steal with impunity in Weird West. The best ways to get other people's things, weapons, and valuable items

Unlike most modern projects, Weird West has "quick save" and "quick load" mechanics. They will help you learn how to steal other people's things, money, and valuables with impunity. Before committing a crime, be sure to save. If you are caught stealing, you will be taken to jail and your reputation will go down. Also, try not to get caught in private areas, because in this case, the owners can open fire on you.

How to break into other people's houses

It is necessary to penetrate into someone else's house for theft only at night. You can try to steal something during the day, but in this case, the chance of being caught is very high. There are several ways to get into someone else's house:

  1. Open the door with the owner's key (you can steal the key in a residential city only from the owner of the house at night when he sleeps).
  2. Hack the front door using lockpicks (they can be purchased from a merchant in the General store or found in the open world).
  3. Rope down through a chimney or skylight.
  4. Get into the house through the window (if there are no metal bars on the window).

Which houses to inspect first

Check out the shops first. This includes the head shop, armory, doctor's office, and tailor's hut. You can also look into the bank, but, oddly enough, you will not find many valuables here.

In each of these houses you will find the corresponding items that you can steal, then resell in the morning to the owner of the same store. In addition, if you manage to get into the bedroom of the owner of the establishment, then you can inspect his pockets and take all the proceeds that you left earlier for the purchase of certain goods.

For example, during the day you bought bandages and elixirs from the doctor for a certain amount of money. If you inspect the pockets of a sleeping doctor at night, you can return the money back. With the help of these simple methods, you can quickly earn a living without worrying about your reputation.

How to get all the weapons in Weird West and upgrade them

Playing as each individual hero, one or more guns will be available to you at the start. In the future, you will be able to find and purchase shotguns, guns, bows and improve them. We do not recommend spending money on buying weapons, since you will find most of the guns you need as you progress through the story and additional tasks, searching the corpses of dead enemies and locked chests.

All weapons in the game are divided into several types, and any gun can be upgraded with nuggets:

  •  Regular weapons: can be upgraded with copper nuggets (2);
  •  Copper weapons: upgraded with silver nuggets (7);
  •  Silver Weapon: Use Gold Nuggets (10);
  •  Golden weapons: cannot be upgraded;
  •  Legendary Weapons: Can be found in the open world, bought from merchants, or obtained from side quests.
Guns are sold not only by the gunsmith in the General store but also by the tailor. To find rare trunks, look into large camps. For example, in the settlement "Skinny Season".

How to get the skin and craft clothes Weird West. How to improve clothes

Clothing in Weird West cannot stop a bullet, but will significantly reduce incoming damage. The better the jacket you have equipped, the better the protection of the hero will be. You will receive the first jacket in the story, after which you can buy or even make clothes yourself.

You can buy a jersey from a tailor in almost any city, but to make clothes you will have to hunt and butcher animal carcasses. For the latter, you will definitely need leather tools, which are also sold at the tailor.

First, you need to figure out which skins are suitable for making clothes:

  1. Deer skin.
  2. Snake skin.
  3. Bear skin.
  4. Buffalo skin.
The skins of these animals can be purchased from almost any tailor. If you want to hunt, then you need to know the locations where the animals live:

  • Snakes live in the desert or in caves;
  • Deer can be found in oases;
  • The bears themselves attack the hero as a random event;
  • Bison are found only in the camps you set up.
To set up camp while traveling through the open world, hover over the icon of your hero and press the key indicated on the screen. Bison, like bears, are very strong enemies. Therefore, stock up on bandages or explosives. To harvest a hide, hold down the action key and select Skinning.

How to increase reputation in Weird West

Reputation in the game depends on many factors. For example, with a high reputation, merchants will give you a discount. If this indicator is below zero, then you will have to overpay for goods up to 50%, depending on the total reputation value.

You can increase your reputation in several ways:

  1. Eliminate or detain gang leaders and wanted criminals.
  2. Rescue the hostages.
  3. Complete additional quests for the delivery of medicines and medicinal herbs (every few days they become available from doctors).

Once you reach a high reputation in the Weird West, try not to lose it, as it will be quite difficult to earn a reputation again. Losing prestige points is much easier. It is enough to commit a few serious crimes, for example, to kill an innocent person.

If you have committed a serious crime and the reputation indicator has dropped below zero, then soon a reward will be placed on your hero's head. In this case, among other random events in the open world, another one will appear - a battle with bounty hunters. You can clear charges from the sheriff in any city by paying the price that was placed on the protagonist's head.

How to stun enemies in Weird West

You can stun in the game not only enemies but also neutral characters. But if someone sees that you were at the scene of the crime (even if they did not see that you committed it), they will still blame you.

You can eliminate a person if you approach him from behind and press the attack button. At this point, your hero will stun the target. You can also hide the body in the bushes if you don't want to be accused of this crime. You can make sure that the body is hidden using a special icon.

What to do if there is not enough inventory. How to carry a lot of things

Small inventory capacity is one of the problems that can arise when completing Weird West, as during the journey you will find many useful and valuable things that you will have to give up.

There are several ways to "expand" your inventory in the game:

  1. Buy a Horse: Your mount's saddlebags carry 32 weight units. A great bonus to your hero's 48 inventory.
  2. Take companions (mercenaries) with you: such characters can be found in camps and cities. Some will require money for recruitment, while others will agree to accompany you due to reputation. To open the hero's inventory, interact with him and select "Show Equipment".