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How to block world change in Rogue Legacy 2


How to block world change in Rogue Legacy 2

In the new platformer Rogue Legacy 2 , you have to explore several large biomes, fight common enemies and bosses, and develop your kingdom. In this guide, we will tell you how to block the change of the world after the death of a hero, in order to simplify the exploration of locations.

How the world changes in Rogue Legacy 2

Upon death, the character becomes unavailable, but you can assign a descendant instead - there are several unlocked classes to choose from. In addition, the explored areas of the biomes will change, and you will have to re-examine each room in search of treasures, bosses, and secret passages. The same happens if you just decide to retire (in the game menu you need to select "Retreat as a hero").

Along with this, the game world will also change. Familiar rooms will become inaccessible, and family heirlooms and bosses will change their location. This applies not only to the Agartha Citadel starting region but also to other biomes. For example, if you find a family heirloom at the bottom of the map, then the next time you respawn, it may be in the upper rooms. Read more about family heirlooms and how to unlock additional skills for the hero in this guide.

Only defeated bosses and puzzles that need to be solved in order to unlock access to them will remain unchanged. For example, you can open the door to the arena to Estuary Lamech (the first boss) by lighting two candles next to the gate. If you have already managed to solve this riddle, but died, then the next time you are reborn, you will not need to solve it again.

How to block world change in Rogue Legacy 2

As you progress through the game, you will collect gold coins. First of all, they are intended to increase the level of the castle and open up new abilities, classes, merchants, and other bonuses. One of the open ones can be "Screw Cube", which adds an Architect to your castle.

This hero can block the change of the world for the required time. This feature is useful for those players who have spent a lot of time exploring multiple biomes. In this case, you will return to familiar locations to continue exploring the world.

As we have already noted, you have the right to block the change of the world for once or forever. You do not need to pay for this - the architect will keep a certain percentage of each coin you find. For example, if initially, you received 10 gold coins from any killed enemy, then from 30 to 60% will be withheld from this amount (depending on the leveling and starting bonuses of the hero).

You can build a "Drill Store" and upgrade it to reduce the architect's fees. There are five levels available in total. Each subsequent level will reduce the cost of services by 2%.

Blocking will not allow the kingdom to change, but after the death of the hero, the monsters will return to their usual places, and the teleports will be connected to each other. This means you don't have to spend a lot of time traveling from Agartha Citadel to the Tower of the Sun again.

In addition, some portals can be permanently unlocked without the use of an architect. To do this, you need to find Pizza Delivery Maria . Basically, her office can be found in the Axis of the World biome, not far from the entrance to the Tower of the Sun location. After talking with her, the girl will appear at some portals and offer to make them permanent. In return, you must pay a certain amount of gold. For example, to make the main portal in the Kerguelen Plateau biome "permanent", she asked for 1750 gold.