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How to deal with the cold in Valheim - where to find warm clothes and mead?


How to deal with the cold in Valheim

Valheim is an action game with elements of survival, which takes place in the era of the ancient Vikings. Once you find yourself in the snowy mountains, you will need to find a way to keep warm. How not to freeze in the world of Valheim, we will tell you in this guide.

In the cold regions of Valheim, you can freeze to death. The game provides three ways to keep warm - using warm clothing, making fires, and eating frost resistance mead.

Warm clothes

We talked about the manufacture of armor in a separate article. For warm clothing, wolf armor is suitable. It consists of three parts:

  • Cloak of wolf skins (Wolf fur cape). To make it, you need 4 silver ingots, 6 wolf pelts and a Wolf trophy.
  • Wolf bib (Wolf armor chest). To make it, you need 20 silver bars, 5 wolf pelts and a chain.
  • Wolf protection for feet (Wolf armor legs). You will need 20 silver bars, 5 wolf pelts and 4 wolf Fangs.
How to deal with the cold in Valheim

Wolves are found near the mountains. You can tame them if you want. If you have any difficulties, use our guide.

You also need to look for silver in the mountains. In order to extract the silver ore from the silver vein, you will need a pickage. We described how to do it in a separate article. The ore that you get must be smelted into ingots. We have described this process in this guide. Keep in mind that the mountains are cold, so you need to stock up on frost-resistant mead and have the resources to make fires.

How to deal with the cold in Valheim

Chains are dropped by wraiths that live in swamps. We have written more about this and other biomes in the game in a separate article.

Making fires

Bonfires can only be made on bare ground. If you want to make a fire indoors, you need to remove part of the floor. True, you run the risk of suffocating from the smoke, so it is recommended that you build a roof at an angle of 45 degrees in advance or provide a chimney. For a fire, you need 2 units of wood and 5 stones.

Making fires

Making mead

Use frost resistance mead to increase your resistance to cold for 10 minutes. For her you need 10 units of honey (honey), 5 thistle (thistle), 2 bags of blood (bloodbag) and 1 graydwarf eye (graydwarf eye). You can find honey in the forest or build your own hive at your base. Thistle must be found in the swamp biome and black forest. Blood bags are dropped from leechs, which are also found in swamps. The eyes of the gradeforth fall from the graydwarves that inhabit the black forest.