4 tips on how to defend and secure your base in Valheim


4 tips on how to defend and secure your base in Valheim

In Valheim you expect a lot of enemies on your adventures. But you should not only be careful when roaming the world, enemies can also be dangerous in your base. In the OkayGotcha-Guide you can find out how to defend and secure your base.

In order to make your own base more secure than Fort Knox, a little creativity is required, because there are defensive structures in Valheim, but in a very limited number.

Why is grassroots defense important? In Valheim there are world events and events that can be triggered at random from a certain game progress. During these events, various creatures spawn in the immediate vicinity of the player. So it can happen that you sit unsuspecting on your raven throne and are torn from your daydreams with the message “The Horde is attacking”.

If the Horde attacks Valheim, one should take a safe position.

The approaching goblins, berserkers and shamans don't understand fun and break your structures to rubble and ashes within a very short time. Corresponding plans for defense systems should therefore be available before construction begins.

Basic defenses in Valheim

Compared to other survival titles such as Conan Exiles or ARK: Survival Evolved , the building possibilities in Valheim are not very diverse. At the moment there is only one defense system in the game that damages opponents: Sharp stakes.

What do sharp stakes do? As the name suggests, the stakes are pointed at the end and cause damage on contact. To build it you will need:

  • A workbench in the immediate vicinity
  • 6 x wood
  • 4 x heartwood
The sharpened trunks protrude from the ground at an angle of about 40 degrees and thus provide some security. Opponents attack the construction and take damage themselves with each attack. You can then use a hammer to repair the damaged posts.

Piles secure the base in Valheim.

Sharp piles cannot be placed on foundations and other built objects. Construction can also fail on hills or natural ramps. The easiest way to build is when the ground is leveled beforehand.

How do I get Sharp Posts? Sharp Impaler will be unlocked once you have heartwood. In our guide to heartwood in Valheim you can find out where to find it and what you need it for.

Loopholes for archers

You shouldn't underestimate the opponents in Valheim. Especially not when they come in a group. A defense tower is ideal for fighting enemies with a bow and arrow from an elevated position.

How do you build a defense tower? The most important thing about such a tower is the elevated position, coverage and a large field of vision. Since opponents attack the lower area of ​​the tower, it should be built of stone.

The loopholes should also be made of stones. To build this, stones a block high should be placed. Then 1 × 1 large stone blocks are placed at a distance of two blocks. This creates the loopholes behind which you can find cover. 

Loopholes provide security and make fighting with a bow and arrow easier.

Why are loopholes important? Later in your adventure, you can be attacked by dragons. These are announced with the message “A cold wind is blowing from the mountains”. The dragons circle around you and attack from the air with an icy breath, which can cause a lot of damage. So take cover behind the loopholes and fight them with a bow and arrow.

A wolf pack to secure the base

As soon as you look for silver and other treasures in the mountains, you will also come across wolves. The aggressive animals can be tamed and then used to defend the base. In the OkayGotcha-Guide you can find out how you can tame wolves in Valheim .

How do wolves defend the base? A wolf alone is quickly taken down by enemies. Breed a pack of at least five animals. As soon as the wolves are fully grown, you can give them “E” commands to follow you. Be careful not to let the wolves go near sharp stakes as the wolves will often hit the stakes and die as a result. 

Wolves are very effective in a pack.

If you are defending your base with stakes and wolves, you should build two lines of defense. The piles are inserted in the outer area and additionally protected by palisades. Inside, the wolves patrol and attack enemies that have pushed through the first ring.

To have the wolves guard the inner area, look at them and press "E". If the message “Wolf does not follow you” appears, they run around freely. So that the animals don't get too far away, you should keep gates closed and have a full wall built. 

An earth wall causes confusion among opponents

Probably the most effective way to defend your own base in Valheim is to build an earth wall. This is not a visual highlight and costs you a lot of stones, but opponents will not overcome it.

How is an earth wall built? The ground in Valheim can be raised with a hoe. To do this, you need stones and a lot of perseverance. Endurance can be increased by consuming mead. You can find out how you brew mead in our guide to fermentation in Valheim

Since enemies do not spawn near campfires, you can place several campfires in the inner area of ​​the earth wall. During our tests on the defenses, the skeletons spawned outside the earth wall at the event “Skeleton Surprise” and stood for almost two minutes in front of the wall and then disappeared again.

The skeletons stand perplexed in front of the earth wall and cannot attack.

Why don't opponents attack the earth wall? If you build an earth wall, this is not counted as an object built by the player in Valheim, but counts as part of the natural environment. If the earth wall is several meters high and too steep, it is not possible for opponents to penetrate it. Only flying enemies such as dragons or death kits, of which you should be most afraid , can overcome the earth wall.

The four defense strategies presented are suitable for both solo players and groups. A mix of the different options secures the basis very well. 

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