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A beginner's guide to Dying Light 2 Stay Human. How to upgrade skills, create items, capture districts and which faction to choose in the game


A beginner's guide to Dying Light 2 Stay Human. How to upgrade skills, create items, capture districts and which faction to choose in the game

Despite the long introduction and detailed tutorial, the player in Dying Light 2 Stay Human may have a lot of questions about the structure of the world around him. In this guide, we have collected all the information that a beginner needs to know.

Parkour. How to move around the city

A distinctive feature of the first part of the game was the movement of the hero with the help of parkour. Since crowds of infected roam the streets, people quickly adapted to move on the roofs. Parkour has become a natural necessity for everyone.

The second part continued this direction. Running on the ground is not only long but also dangerous, so get ready to constantly jump on rooftops, climb walls, and balance on specially prepared beams. Fortunately, this will not require much effort - a single button is responsible for the parkour mode.

In the beginning, the abilities of the main character, Aiden, will be quite modest. Jumping far will not work, and a small margin of endurance will lead to falls and unexpected deaths more than once. To make it easier for yourself, download parkour skills. At first, they will be much more useful than combat skills - it's easier to run away from the infected or bandits than to fight them.

Pumping. How to quickly upgrade skills in Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Traveling around the city, the hero constantly receives points in parkour or combat. You can use them to buy skills in two branches of development. You will also have to increase the level of basic parameters - health and endurance. The better you have pumped these indicators, the more skills will be available for purchase.

However, developing one thing all the time is a bad strategy. Pumped parkour will not help in combat, and vice versa - a large amount of health will not allow you to get some useful skills for comfortable moving around the city.

To develop the basic parameters, you will have to look for inhibitors. You can find them in the "dark spaces", insulators of the VGM, or simply by exploring the city. If you want to know all the details about inhibitors, read our guide.

How to avoid fall damage

At first, accidental falls from great heights can be a serious problem. Because of such situations, the hero will lose a lot of health or die. Learn abilities. Among all the variety there will be two especially useful skills. One will allow you to roll on landings. This is a good skill that will greatly increase the safe height, but the danger of getting damaged will still remain. The second skill is landing on opponents. Here the height does not play a role, so the ability can be used without any restrictions.

Please note that dumps of garbage bags and mattresses are scattered around the city - you can fall on them from any height.

During the story, Aiden will receive a glider. It can be improved at the master to not only descend, but also gain height. A makeshift parachute quickly opens and almost completely solves the problem of landings.

What does the level affect?

Aiden needs pumping not only for the development of abilities. Enemies, areas, and points of interest also have levels. If you accidentally enter a territory for which you are not ready, the passage will become much more difficult. Any fight will quickly lead to death, and you can forget about night attacks. Keep track of the levels of available areas on the map and visit them gradually. So you will have practically no problems with battles and collecting trophies.

Open world. How to navigate the map and discover all points of interest

Initially, the hero is surrounded by the "fog of war". If you accidentally pass by an important place, the map will update automatically, but this method is not very convenient, because you risk missing a lot. It is much easier to see the surroundings through binoculars. Climb a tall building to capture as many activities in the area at once as possible.

Please note that some icons will be red. This means that Aiden's basic parameters are not enough for this zone. Pump up stamina or health and return there later. For more information on how to use binoculars and open all points of interest in Dying Light 2 Stay Human, we have described them in a separate guide.

Day and night. What affects the change of day in the game

Whatever you do, at the bottom of the screen there will always be a dial with time. The change of day is one of the most important mechanics in Dying Light 2. Ultraviolet has a detrimental effect on the infected, so you won’t encounter a large number of zombies during the day. At night, the dead become active and leave the houses on the streets.

As the sun goes down, so does Aiden's level of infection. You will have only a few minutes until the hero begins to quickly lose health. Time can be increased by using inhibitors, special tablets, or UV mushrooms. The timer is reset under the influence of ultraviolet lamps, which means that for a comfortable movement you will have to activate windmills, runners' shelters, and other safe areas.

Some points of interest are only accessible after sunset - then there will be much less infected inside shops and abandoned hospitals, and Aiden will have time to collect trophies and look around.

Craft. How to craft and unlock blueprints

Most resources can be used to collect something useful. Very quickly you will have a whole section of recipes for a variety of devices and solutions. Open the character menu "Craft" to see them all.

Each recipe can be improved - this will increase the effectiveness of the created thing. Unfortunately, crafting weapons or clothes will not work, as they must be bought or found in the open world. Over time, Aiden will learn to assemble various body kits for his "sticks" on his own, which will greatly increase their lethality.

Some recipes are purchasable from vendors, others are scattered throughout the open world, and special blueprints are earned by completing the story and side quests.

Merchants and artisans. How to sell and improve items in the game

On faction bases, you will always find at least one merchant - the bag icon. You can buy everything you need from them or sell the excess. There are also craftsmen at the bases - a sign of a wrench and a hammer. Craftsmen improve recipes and sell weapon attachments. If you want to save a lot of money, we recommend reading our guide.

Faction fight. How to capture city districts and what it affects

When you open the map, you will notice that the whole city is divided into districts. There are two competing factions in the game - "survivors" and "peacekeepers". Each of them seeks to establish its control over the maximum number of territories. You can choose allies at once or help each side alternately.

To capture the territory and give it to the faction, you will have to activate the main building of the area, for example, a power plant or a water tower.

Having reached the place, you need to solve a simple spatial puzzle - climb to the top floor or connect the current correctly.

After the area is under control, you can choose an improvement for the city. For example, survivors will add various parkour devices to their areas, and peacekeepers will set traps to fight the infected. In addition, peacekeepers have a unique weapon called a crossbow. What to choose is up to you.

Also, new factional bases appear in the area, which is marked with the corresponding coats of arms. There you can find new merchants, additional tasks, and tests.

Solutions. What is the effect of the choice in the dialogs?

At the beginning of the game, the choice will not have much effect on the plot. It will not work to make an absolutely evil or good Aiden. However, the further you advance in the story, the more important the decisions are. With different tasks, the reward will be different. If you save everyone, although this could not have been done, you will receive additional coins or resources.

The choice also affects the alignment of forces in the city and its appearance: if you always support the survivors, then the environment will become a solid sports ground.

Fast travel. Where to find and how to unlock metro stations

Fast travel is only unlocked in the story. At some point, Aiden will have access to the subway tunnels. However, first, you have to clear the stations from zombies and connect electricity. Fast travel is also available at two peacekeeping bases.

It is important that you will not be able to go to any place in the area. Most often, the metro is located in the center of the territory, so in most cases, you will have to get to the desired area on your own. Basically, you will only use the metro stations for travel between Old Villedor and the City Center (Central Loop).

You can track the location of metro stations with binoculars. Check out our guide if you want to save time.