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Guide for beginners Rogue Legacy 2: how to restore health, which class to choose, how to earn a lot of money and other tips


Guide for beginners Rogue Legacy 2: how to restore health, which class to choose, how to earn a lot of money and other tips

Rogue Legacy 2 is a colorful platform game with roguelike elements in which you have to explore a mysterious castle and clear it of evil rulers. In this guide, we will tell you how to earn money quickly, how to restore health, which class is best to choose, and also give other tips on the game.

How to restore health

As you travel through the castle biomes, you will encounter a wide variety of enemies. Get ready for the fact that you will be attacked literally from all sides. Be sure to take care of the health of the main character, as it is quite difficult to restore it.

You can do this in several ways:

  1. Food: Snack sometimes drops from killed enemies and destroyed items. For example, from chairs, boxes and lanterns. Initially, food will restore no more than 30 health units.
  2. Apples: Rooms with similar fruits are marked with a purple icon with a question mark. In them, you can restore about 80 health or sacrifice some HP to increase maximum vitality.
  3. Heirlooms: When you first find a family heirloom, the game will prompt you to fully restore the hero's health and HP in order to complete the challenge. Why family heirlooms are needed, we told in this guide.
  4. Life Steal Rune: When you unlock the Enchantress's Hall and find the appropriate rune, you can upgrade it at the Enchantress' Hut. The rune allows you to restore health for each defeated enemy. The amount of health directly depends on the strength of the hero.
  5. Meditation Hall: This room can be unlocked in your castle after learning the new Barbarian class. There are five levels of the room available, each of which will allow you to restore 20% of the maximum amount of health and mana before entering the room with the boss.

In addition, some heirs have special relics that can regenerate health. For example, "Freon's Reward" requires only 25% determination, but allows you to restore health when opening any chests. In this case, the amount of HP restored will depend on intelligence.

If you find yourself in a room with a large number of opponents, then we recommend that you look around, return to the previous room and choose an effective strategy for fighting enemies. After you leave the location, all the mobs will move to their places. Remember that killed enemies do not respawn, as in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, for example.

How to make a lot of money

Farming money is one of the main tasks in the game, as with it you can upgrade your castle, acquire weapons and armor, and buy various relics and skills. The more money you earn, the faster you can upgrade your character and complete the game.

Break items. Be sure to break all interactive items. Quite often, this can bring you some gold coins. As you progress through the game, you will open rooms with riddles and chests that contain a large amount of gold. If you manage to get to the chest alive, then you can collect up to 300 coins at a time.

Do tests. You will also encounter test rooms. In such locations, there are usually no enemies, but there is a special knife switch. In the lower right corner of the screen, the conditions under which you will gain access to the fairy chest will be indicated. Sometimes you need to defeat a certain number of enemies, and other times you have to go through the whole room without taking damage for a certain time. Similar locations are highlighted in turquoise.

Unlock the safe. After the death of the next heir, you need to spend all the gold, since Charon will take away your reserves before being sent to the castle. But you can resort to trickery. Build a special safe in your castle that will steal a certain percentage of gold from Charon from each of your trips. If necessary, you can also increase the capacity of the safe.

Use heir bonuses. Don't forget about their bonuses. Some of them have good bonuses to gold mining. But in this case, be sure to pay attention to other characteristics of the hero. Usually, the game provides a good chance to earn, but at the same time greatly reduces the life, mana, or damage of the heir.

What classes are in the game? Choosing the best hero

Initially, one class will be available to you - Knight with a sword. This is a very easy hero to learn, but as you progress through the game and discover new biomes, you will encounter certain difficulties. Basically, you will miss the maximum amount of health and starting strength of the character. Therefore, to diversify the gameplay, you can open new classes in your castle.

Here is the list of available classes:

  1. Knight.
  2. Pathfinder.
  3. Valkyrie.
  4. Mag.
  5. Barbarian.
  6. Duelist.
  7. Culinary.
  8. Bard.
  9. Murderer.
  10. Dragon Spearman.
  11. Pirate.
  12. Ronin.
  13. Astromancer.
  14. Shooter.
  15. Ranger.

Each of them has their own weapons and abilities. For example, if you play exclusively on the keyboard and mouse, then Pathfinder or Shooter may be suitable for you. Unlike Mage and Bard, these classes are able to aim while moving and while jumping. Mages and Bards can only attack in a certain area in front of them.

Archers attack much faster than Pathfinders but do much less damage. In addition, the arrow flies much further than bullets. The advantage of the Strelka is that he can hover in the air during the attack.

If you prefer to play as a fighter, then first of all unlock the Barbarian or Valkyrie. They are distinguished by increased strength and good damage, but you will have to deal with enemies only at close range. Assassins and Ronin, in contrast, do not differ in damage, but can quickly attack enemies at a short distance.

It is also worth paying attention to the Culinary. This class does not stand out for serious damage and survivability but has an ability that ignites enemies upon impact. The point is to hit the enemy and hide from sight. Ignition will do everything for you.

How to unlock classes in the game (mage, barbarian, valkyrie, boxer, and others)

All available classes in the game can be unlocked by upgrading the castle. The Pathfinder will be the very first to open right after you unlock the Shooting Range. After that, you yourself have the right to choose which path is best to follow.

Skill branches on the right side of the castle open the following classes:

  1. Mag.
  2. Culinary.
  3. Shooter.
  4. Astromancer.
  5. Dragon Spearman.
  6. Pirate.
In the central part, only Barbarians and Boxers are located. In the left skill branches, you will unlock the following heroes:

  1. Valkyrie.
  2. Bard.
  3. Duelist.
  4. Murderer.
  5. Ronin.
  6. Ranger.

Which upgrades to unlock first

First of all, we recommend opening skills that increase the damage and vitality of the heir. The whole point of the game is to destroy the bosses and take on a few final enemies. Therefore, you need the hero to have powerful strikes and a large supply of HP.

Also, do not forget to pump determination and carrying capacity. These options allow you to equip heavier items and carry more relics. We've covered Resolve in Rogue Legacy 2 in more detail in this guide.

How to find secret passages

You may have noticed that there are secret passages to small rooms in the game. Usually, in such rooms, there are chests with gold or other supplies. You can open a secret passage only with the help of magic skills. Don't waste mana and attack every wall. You can track the presence of a secret passage in another way.

If you find yourself in a large room, part of which is completely closed, then there is probably a secret passage in this location. Usually, in such locations, there is either an inactive teleporter or a small part of the room with a secret chest is visible. In the first case, you need to track where the portal leads and try to attack the nearest wall or floor.

When is the best time to block world change?

The permanent change of the world in Rogue Legacy 2 is a necessary game mechanic that changes the structure of the castle after the death of the next heir. This is necessary so that you can find new passages, chests, and enemies. Read more about how to block world changes in the game in this guide.

We do not recommend blocking the world change in the early stages of the passage. Since the Architect will withhold a certain percentage from each coin found, you risk getting stuck in one place due to a lack of gold. In addition, with each subsequent death, the percentage will increase. It will come to the point that the Architect will hold more than 80% of all gold.

We advise you to resort to blocking after you unlock a more acceptable class, unlock all the useful upgrades in the castle, and equip better equipment.

How to find a pizza delivery man and why you need one

The Pizza Girl is a story character that will help you along the way. She can make biome entrance portals permanent. For example, if you have not blocked the world change, this will give you the ability to teleport to previously open areas. Biomes will look different, but you can get to the entrance to the desired location and not waste extra time on it.

She can be found in one of the rooms in the Axis of the World biome. This biome has no branches, so you won't miss it. When you find yourself in a room with a transition to the "Tower of the Sun" location, examine the upper right part of the map. Here you will find a door that will lead you to the girl.

How to get to the Kerguelen Plateau

The entrance to this biome is located in the throne room of the Axis of the World location. When you get here first, you will notice that the passage is blocked.

Look around the room and find the lanterns that you can use to climb up. To do this, you will need the following Family Heirlooms :

  1. Shawl Ananke.
  2. Echo Boots.
If the conditions are met, use kicks and dashes to get to the platform in the upper right corner of the map. Here is a portal to the Kerguelen Plateau. You can return back using any teleport.

More Rogue Legacy 2 Tips

Don't take risks. If you have little health left, then it is better not to risk it. For example, if you see a chest in a room where you have to fight a lot of enemies. A few hundred coins can turn into the death of an heir for you.

Look carefully at the locations. Before you begin to exterminate enemies, first carefully inspect the room for static spikes, plants, and active spikes. The latter are often disguised as conventional platforms. For inspection, you can use a special key (left Alt for PC).

Open all chests. If you have already played Rogue Legacy 2, then you probably know that chests often contain not only gold coins but also useful blueprints. In addition, various relics can be found in chests.

Don't rush to fight the bosses. This is one of the biggest mistakes players make. Before fighting any boss, we recommend upgrading your castle, getting better equipment from a blacksmith, and unlocking additional runes.