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Co-op in Sons of the Forest - how to play with friends, how to create a server, what features are available in multiplayer mode


Co-op in Sons of the Forest - how to play with friends, how to create a server, what features are available in multiplayer mode

Sons of the Forest is a cooperative survival game in which players will have to build shelters, gather, fend off crowds of cannibals and explore various bunkers and dungeons. In this guide, we will explain how to create your own server, how to connect to shared servers, and what features are available in co-op.

How to create a server and connect to other players' servers

To do this, on the main screen you need to select the item "Multiplayer mode" , then click "Open server" . If you have not created a world in this mode before, then click "New Game" .

Choose difficulty. If you wish, you can adjust the number and difficulty of enemies, their health, damage, and armor. Environment and survival settings are also available here.

After that, set the name of the world and choose how many people can join. At the moment, the cooperative game is available for a maximum of 8 people.

If you turn on the "Friends Only" mode, then create a private server that users from your Steam friends list can connect to. Turn this mode off to make the server available to other players.

You can also join any public server, or a friend's server. To do this, select "Multi-user mode" - "Connect" .

By default, in the column on the right, you will see all public Steam user servers. On the left, you can sort them by difficulty mode. If you turn on the "Friends Only" mode, you will see the servers of friends from Steam.

What features are available in a cooperative game. How saves work


After connecting to the server, you will land on the island in one of three random places. Just like in single player, Kelvin will appear next to you. It is worth noting that in the multiplayer mode, the satellite will also be alone - it is tied to the host, but any member of the squad can give orders to it.

How does loot appear

In co-op, loot will be shared among all party members. That is, you do not have to fight for weapons or resources. At the same time, we noticed that some findings may differ altogether. In the same place you can find pills, and your friend can find food.

How to trade items

You can give any item from your inventory to a partner. To do this, approach him and hold down the action key. A table will appear on the left, where you need to select the desired item.

It is important to understand that taking something from a friend will not work - he must give it himself.

How saves work

Saving in co-op is slightly different from single player. The state of the world is saved only by the host, while other users save only the contents of the inventory and the place where the save was made. In simple words: if you connect to any player's server, then set up a tent and save, you will appear in the same place when loading, but the world around will be changed as the host player survives.

Death mechanics

After receiving critical damage, your character falls to his knees. It will remain in this state for about a minute. If during the allotted time period none of the partners saves you at the first death, you will go to the nearest camp of the natives.

To pick up a friend, approach him and hold the action key.

A skull icon will appear above the head of such a player. It signals that the second death will be the last.

Is it possible to complete the story in multiplayer mode

In Sons of the Forest, you have the right to go through the story in multiplayer mode. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to look for the same key cards and plot items for all members of the squad. You can split up, for example, several people are engaged in arranging a shelter, while others get the items necessary for the plot.

All passages and bunkers opened by your partners are automatically opened for all members of the squad. Therefore, you just have to get to the final bunker and make your way through the lava to the Golden Cube, after which the storyline will be completed.

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