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Sons of the Forest: Find and charge stun guns - Game Guide

 The Stun Gun is a very handy melee weapon in Sons of the Forest. In addition to delivering basic slashes, you can use it to stun enemies for a short time, making them easy targets. In this guide, we'll show you where the weapon was found and explain how you can recharge the stun gun.

Sons of the Forest: Find and charge stun guns - Game Guide

Location of the stun gun

To discover the stun gun, you have to examine the western part of the island. Follow the waters to the end of a creek near which a cave is marked on your GPS map. Next to a small waterfall, you will find a pile of skulls on a rock in the water. In the middle of the skulls rises the stun gun, on which another skull hangs. Approach the construction and collect the stun gun. On the following map, we show you the exact location again.

At the marked spot you will find the stun gun.
At the marked spot, you will find the stun gun.

Use stun guns

Since the Stun Gun is a melee weapon, you can left-click (R2/RT on controller) to hit as usual, or right-click (L2/LT on controller) to protect yourself. To inflict Electrocharge on an enemy, you must jab by holding down the Left Mouse Button (R2/RT on controller). The opponent is then briefly stunned and you can melee them or switch to a firearm (such as a pistol ) to hit safely. Otherwise, you can of course also use the time gained to escape if your inventory is unsuitable for the situation.

Charge stun gun

Unfortunately, there is a small catch with the Stun Gun: Every time you stun an opponent, the energy of the Stun Gun is used up. There is a power meter above the handle that shows you how much power is left. Luckily, you can recharge the stun gun using batteries found in the game world. You don't have to insert the batteries manually for this. If the stun gun is empty and you have batteries in your inventory, the weapon will automatically recharge.

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