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How to befriend the Three-Legged Girl (Virginia) in Sons of the Forest and make her a companion


How to befriend the Three-Legged Girl (Virginia) in Sons of the Forest and make her a companion

Already in the first hours of playing Sons of the Forest, you can meet a strange three-legged girl who, in addition, has three arms. Noticing the hero, she immediately rushes to their heels. Who she is and how to make her a companion - we will tell in this guide.

Who is the Three Legged Girl in Sons of the Forest

A three-legged girl that you will often meet during the passage of the game is Virginia Puffton. There is no specific information about this person, but if you advance far enough in the story, you will find her access card, which will be labeled as "VIP card". It also turns out that she is the daughter of a millionaire who disappeared on this island. Most likely, after a certain incident, the girl underwent a mutation.

Who is the Three Legged Girl in Sons of the Forest

The girl is not dangerous. On the contrary, at first, she will avoid you in every possible way. Players can kill her, but there is no point in doing so. After death, she does not throw out any loot, and her body cannot even be butchered, unlike the local natives.

Who is the Three Legged Girl in Sons of the Forest

How to make a satellite out of Virginia

If you do not attack the girl, she will begin to visit your camp more often. Closer to winter, Virginia will no longer be afraid of you and will come closer and closer. Every time you see her, hide your weapon. This will let her know that you don't want to hurt her.

At first, when you see Virginia, remove all weapons from your hands (key "G" ) and do not try to scare her with the severed limbs of cannibals. Even if you damaged her, but did not kill her, the girl will visit your camp later. She will start watching from a safe distance, then move closer. After 5-10 days, she will stop being afraid of the player.

You just need to wait until it comes close enough. At this point, an interaction button will appear. Hold it down to give the girl a weapon.

We also recommend attaching one of the three GPS beacons that you found in the story to Virginia. You can pre-select which marker icon it will display on your radar. To do this, open inventory, select a beacon, and assign a marker to it. From this moment on, you have the right to track the movement of the girl on the map.

How to make a satellite out of Virginia

From weapons, you can give the woman any pistol (9x18) and shotgun. At the same time, it is not necessary to share cartridges - Virginia herself explores the island and finds the necessary ammunition.

You can't give her orders. She will often stay close to your camp and fend off enemies with the weapons you gave her.

How to feed and treat Virginia

Just like Kelvin, Virginia doesn't need food. But in the event that natives or monsters attack her, she may lose consciousness. It is enough just to approach her and press the interaction button for the girl to come to her senses. The treatment of the first satellite works according to the same principle.

Can Virginia perish

Both companions in the game can die if you kill them yourself. Most of the time cannibals and monsters don't finish these heroes off after being knocked to the ground. If this happened before your eyes, we recommend that you help your companion as soon as possible. But if you move far enough away, you will notice that after a while the girl will stand up on her own and join you.

What benefits does Virginia bring to the player?

Sometimes she will bring you rare herbs and food. Virginia is very fond of extracting aloe vera - a rather useful plant that is necessary for preparing a healing mixture.

She can also catch fish or small animals, such as squirrels. But the main value of this satellite is not at all in gathering.

From time to time cannibals will raid your camp. This will become especially noticeable after passing about half of the storyline. Enemies will become more powerful and larger, and their numbers will increase significantly. After completing the story, you will also encounter various monsters that will visit you once every few days.

If you equip Virginia with a pistol and a shotgun, then she will prove to be an excellent defender of your hideout. As we have already noted, she knows how to look for ammunition for guns herself.

How to change Virginia's clothes

As you explore the island, you will find several outfits for both Kelvin and Virginia. At the moment, only one equipment is known, which is located in one of the underground bunkers. You can transfer clothes through the interaction menu, as well as weapons.

Is it possible to have a romantic relationship with Virginia

At the moment, it is impossible to have an affair with a girl. But do not forget that Sons of the Forest is in early access, and the developers will probably add this feature in the future. By the way, this is hinted at by the “heart” marker on GPS radars.

How to reach the maximum level of trust and what you can get as a reward

With each passing day, Virginia's trust in the player will increase. To achieve the maximum level of confidence of the girl, it is enough just not to attack or scare her. Be sure to give her at least one gun and attach a GPS tracker. After two dozen days, you will receive the achievement "Knighthood is not dead".

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