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How to use Kelvin (satellite) in Sons of the Forest


How to use Kelvin (satellite) in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest can be played in co-op with up to 8 people. But even if you came into this world alone, you will have a permanent companion. In this guide, we will talk about Kelvin, a not-so-comrade-in-arms who will help you settle in a cruel new world.

How to find Kelvin

The game begins when the hero, Kelvin, and a few other comrades get to the island. After entering, you can look around to assess the damage and the situation. Not far from you, a wounded Kelvin will lie on the ground.

To make Kelvin a partner, just help him up. This will trigger another short scene in which you help Kelvin to his feet. At the end of this scene, you will be able to interact with him by issuing simple commands.

What commands can be used to control Kelvin

To issue commands, you will need a notepad. You can see the full list of commands below.

  • Come after me;
  • Take item (give item of clothing from inventory);
  • Clear (indicate the amount of work);
  • Take a break (rest);
  • Stay (here, in hiding);
  • Build (bonfire, shelter, complete building);
  • Take (sticks, logs, stones) and (throw it here, give it to me, follow me).
Of all these commands, we recommend that you first choose to build a shelter for the first night. In Sons of the Forest, you can always set up a tent, but if you order Kelvin to build a shelter on his own, it will free you from collecting resources, allowing you to craft weapons and find important tools such as scuba gear.

What commands can be used to control Kelvin

We also want to note the "Clean" command, as it forces Kelvin to start clearing the ground within a radius of 5, 10, or 20 meters. The satellite will simply start chopping down trees and clearing the ground, making it easier to build a base. This will help you keep busy doing interesting things and base design while Kelvin is busy with monotonous and boring work.

What commands can be used to control Kelvin

The Pick command allows you to order Kelvin to pick up sticks, rocks, logs, or fish. The best option among these is fish. It's hard to get food in Sons of the Forest, but Kelvin is a pro at fishing. In order for this command to appear, you need to be near a body of water.

If you order Kelvin to get fish, he will go to the nearest water source, sit down and start grabbing it right out of the water. He will be busy with this until you give him another command, which makes Kelvin an excellent food earner.

It is worth noting that some bugs are associated with the satellite. If you build a log base and then order Kelvin to bring the logs to you, he can literally "pull" them out of your hideout, causing the entire structure to collapse. Just tell Kelvin to clear the area and fish.

What commands can be used to control Kelvin

Is it possible to get rid of Kelvin?

If you prefer to work alone, then there is such an option. Simply use the "Take a break" command to tell Kelvin to take a break. It will sit idle and stay roughly where you left it, allowing you to explore the island and go about your business without it. If he really annoys you, just leave Kelvin to rest by the stream. You never know when it might come in handy.

Should I feed the Kelvin?

It is not necessary. You also don't need to bring him water. Kelvin himself sometimes eats berries, drinks water, and sleeps, so you don't have to give him individual commands or share your resources.

Can Kelvin finally die?

He can be knocked down by cannibals and mutants, but only the player can finally finish off Kelvin. The Companion does not know how to fight, because he was deaf as a result of the crash and became shell-shocked, so in battle, he can only be used as a punching bag.

Even if Kelvin fell to his knees, you have the right to pick him up. He will be in this state for some more time, and then he will rise on his own and go to the main character. So it's not worth worrying too much about it.

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