Hogwarts Legacy guide - how to find all manual pages in Hogsmeade

 The location of each page of the manual for quick passage of the test

After the start of the game, after going through a quick selection ceremony and choosing the desired House, you will be able to explore Hogwarts Castle and its surroundings. First you need to attend a few classes, and soon after that you and another student go to Hogsmeade to get everything you need for studying. This is the largest settlement in the Hogwarts area, there are many shops to (and even to visit) and new characters, but you will probably spend most of your time trying to find all the pages of the wizarding manual. Many of them are easy to miss, especially when you are just learning the mechanics of the game and have not yet received the necessary spells. In this guide, we have indicated the location of each page that you can find in Hogsmeade.

Before you try to find all the pages, you must understand what you are looking for. Manual pages can be found in four different ways. Similarly, you can get them with four different spells. There are over 50 pages in Hogsmeade.

In Hogsmeade, there are three points with flying flames - in the north, west, and south. In accordance with this, I divided the settlement conditionally into three play areas.

Pages in North Hogsmeade (Revelio)

As for pages of this type, it is enough to use the standard Revelio spell to get them. This spell allows you to find hidden objects in the world and is the only way to find such pages. Pages in North Hogsmeade are located in shop windows (both inside and out) as well as close to major attractions. Some of them are quite easy to find. For example, there is a manual page at the entrance of most stores. In other cases, these pages are off the beaten track.

  • Engist of Woodcroft. This page is next to the Northern Hogsmeade Flame. Head a little south of the flying flame to find the statue of Engist. Use Revelio in front of the statue to reveal the page.
Pages in North Hogsmeade (Revelio)

  • Scriven Shaft's building. Facing the statue of Engist, go to the left side of it and enter the blue building. Inside it in the back are two or three cats. The manual page is located in the back room archway.
Pages in North Hogsmeade (Revelio)

  • Sweet kingdom. From the Scriven Shaft's building, return to the statue of Engist. Opposite it, you will find the Sweet Kingdom sweet shop (Honeydukes). The manual page is right at the front door, outside the building.
Pages in North Hogsmeade (Revelio)

  • Inside the "Sweet Kingdom". Head inside the Honeydukes and look for the next page on the north side of the building, next to the pot of gold.
  • Steepley & Sons tea shop. Exit Honeydukes and head across the street to Steepley & Sons. Go through the front door and turn left. You will find the next page near the table by the green wall.
Pages in North Hogsmeade (Revelio)

  • Magic mail. Exit the Steepley & Sons tea shop and turn left to find the post office. You will find the next page inside the post office, between the blue shelves.
Pages in North Hogsmeade (Revelio)

  • Timophylls and grebes. The next page is across the river, on the northwest side of Hogsmeade. Cross the bridge near the Beak and Tuft Store and go up the hill to the Timophylla and Toadstool Store. You will find the page inside the store, next to the tree.
  • Abandoned store. From Timophylls and Toadstools, take the road south. Moving down the path, you will see another building towering over another road on the right-hand side. The page is right in front of the abandoned The Old Fool store.

Pages in North Hogsmeade (Accio)

The next type of page you'll find is flying around Hogsmeade. Using the Accio spell, you can pull them to you and add them to your collection. These pages are not tracked in the Collections section, which can make it difficult to know which pages still need to be found and which have been found.

  • Next to the "Old Fool". You will probably see this page first when using our guide and looking for the page in front of this abandoned store. She flies next to the "Old Fool" (there is a marker on the map).
  • Over Timophylls and Toadstools. Return to the Timophylls and Toadstools store to find a page floating above the top of the building. If you're having trouble getting it, you can climb up the hill behind the building to get the best angle.
  • Next to the water mill. From the Timophylls and Toadstools store, follow the path and turn left at the fork. Climb this path to the water mill and see a page flying nearby.
  • Beak and crest. Head back down the hill and across the bridge near the Beak and Tuft Shop. You will find the next page right above the bridge.
  • Behind Steeply & Sons. Return to Hogsmeade Square and walk between the buildings on the right side of Steeply & Sons. The page flies near the cliff behind the building.
  • In the northern hills. Return to Hogsmeade Square and follow the path north to the unnamed buildings. Page flies near the rocks.

Pages in North Hogsmeade (Lumos)

The last type of manual page you'll find in Hogsmeade is the page resulting from the Lumos spell. When trying to find pages with Revelio and Accio, you will most likely stumble upon a mirror or a moth. These mirrors are part of a puzzle that must be solved in order to get the page with Lumos. When you are near the mirror, use Lumos to see a picture of the place somewhere nearby. This is a hint as to where the missing moth is. You need to find this moth, activate Lumos to make it follow you, and return it to the mirror. When the puzzle is solved, you will receive a new manual page.

  • Timophylls and grebes. Inside the Timophylls and Toadstools store, you can find the first mirror. After casting Lumos in front of the mirror, exit the shop and go up the hill behind it to find a moth near the chimney.
  • Old fool. Inside the abandoned Old Fool store is the mirror itself, hanging on the central wall. Exit the store, turn left, and go to the backyard of the store. The moth is on a box near a pine tree.
  • Water Mill. To the north of Hogsmeade Square is a building with a water mill. Get inside it and look for a mirror on the floor on the left side. Exit the way you came here and look for a moth located on a lamp next to the nearest house, just down the slope.

Pages in South Hogsmeade (Revelio)

The same rules apply as in North Hogsmeade. Most of these pages are located in front of the shops in Hogsmeade South, but there are deviations from this norm. Also, you won't be able to get all the pages the first time you visit Hogsmeade. This is due to the fact that first, you need to go through the storyline and unlock additional mechanics.

  • Tavern "Three broomsticks". Enter the inn through the main entrance and you will see a fireplace at the back of the room. Use Revelio right in front of the fireplace.
  • Barrels for butter beer. Exit the Three Broomstick Inn and go to the east side of the building. You'll find some large butterbeer barrels here, and they'll have a manual page in front of them.
  • Ceridwen's Cauldrons. There is a shop with boilers in the southwest of the Three Brooms Inn. The manual page is next to the stack of cauldrons by the front door.
  • Ollivander's shop. Go to the front door of Ollivander's Wand Store. Use Revelio near the door to find the manual page.
  • Entrance to Hogsmeade. The first page can be found upon arrival in the city. Look for it at the base of the bridge you enter Hogsmeade.
  • Sports goods store "Krugoletka". This manual page is not initially available. You need to attend the first broom flying lesson, which will be held after a few story chapters. After that, a sporting goods store will open. Go through the front door and look for the page on the left side.

Pages in South Hogsmeade (Accio)

If you have trouble finding a specific page for Accio, don't forget to use the Revelio spell. When using Revelio, you can see hidden items, as well as any interactive and important objects, including manual pages flying in the air, locked doors, and chests. Sometimes it is difficult to attract a specific page of the Action. If it doesn't work, try to find another vantage point and cast the attraction spell again.

  • Southern garden. Go southeast from the flying flame "South Hoogsmead". Page flies near a group of trees in a walled garden.
  • Shop "Tomes and Scrolls". Enter the store to find a box on the table on the right that you can interact with. After that, a ladder will appear. Climb to the second floor, and find a flying page.
  • Outside the Folios and Scrolls store. After leaving the store, turn around to face the front door. You will see a flying page on the left side of the door.
  • Tree with pink leaves. Stand with your back to the store entrance and cross the street between the buildings to the east. You will find a flying page near a tree with pink leaves.
  • Northwest of Tomes and Scrolls. Return to the Tomes and Scrolls store and go down the next street. Move northwest until you see Hogwarts in the distance. It is here that another page of the manual flies in the air.
  • Near the tavern "Three broomsticks". Go to the Three Broomstick Inn, but don't go inside. You will find the page flying between the inn and the locked building nearby.

Page in South Hogsmeade (Lumos)

One of the pages for the Lumos spell, which is very easy to miss, is located in South Hogsmeade. Unlike most mirrors, this one hangs on the wall outside the building. Even if you miss the mirror on your first visit to Hogsmeade, with our help you can easily find it on your next visit.

  • South Mirror. From the flying flames of South Hogsmeade, go up the path that goes north. The mirror is leaning against the wall behind the building. Turn around and go down the small stairs moving to the left around the back of the building. The moth is near the locked chest with the eye. Return it to the mirror with Lumos and take the manual page.
  • Pages in Hogsmeade West (Revelio)
The third and final part of Hogsmeade is to the west. By now, you've probably mastered the art of finding the manual pages, although there will still be some challenges to overcome in this part of town. Hogsmeade West has the most Revelio pages out of all three sections. Fortunately, many of them are in close proximity to each other. This will make it easier to find the remaining pages and complete the collection.

  • Clothing store "Hat of Invisibility". Go to Hogsmeade Square and go a little west to the Cloak of Invisibility clothing store. You will find the page near the front door.
  • Clothing store "Hat of Invisibility". Enter the store through the front door. On the left side is the owner, and on the right is the bust of a mannequin. The page is right in front of the mannequin.
  • Second page inside the clothing store. The next page is in the same building, in a different part of the clothing store. Go down the steps and you will find this manual page in front of the table near the skeleton.
  • Fun shop "Zonko". Go to the main entrance of the joke shop marked on the map. Use Revelio to find a manual page at the main entrance, next to the butterbeer barrels.
  • Inside the Zonko joke shop. Then go to the joke shop. The first page is on the bottom floor, next to a tiny stage with a curtain.
  • The second page inside the Zonko joke shop. After taking the previous page, go up to the second floor. You will find another one at the end of the floor, near the railing, near which the first floor is visible.
  • Well with water. Get to the city center. In the middle of the street, between Madame Snelling's hair salon and the Invisibility Hat clothing store, look for a well. Use Revelio near the well to find the hidden page.
  • Hogsmeade Community Garden. Go to the flying flames of West Hogsmeade. From there, move northeast until you find a garden on a small hill. Go through the small gate and the page will be in front of a plant that looks like a tomato.
  • Potions J. Pepin. Unlike most other stores, there is no page outside of J. Pepin's Potions. Instead, go inside to find it next to the potions behind the vendor.
  • Tavern "Boar's Head". South of Hogsmeade West's flying flame is the Boar's Head Inn. Go inside to find a page behind the innkeeper.
  • Pier behind the Boar's Head. Exit the tavern through the back door and turn right. You will find the next page at the pier, heading west.
  • Magic rutabaga. Cross the bridge next to the flying flames of West Hogsmeade. The next page will be in front of the cart with the seller, next to the Magic Rutabaga store.

Hogsmeade West Pages (Accio)

While Hogsmeade West has the most pages for the Revelio spell, there are fewer pages for Accio. Unlike other sections of the map, these pages are spread across the western region of the city.

  • Above the Magic Turnip. When you get close to the store, look up above the building to find a page floating above the roof.
  • West of the flying flame "West Hogsmeade". Back across the bridge, moving towards the flying flames of West Hogsmeade. When you pass the bridge, you will find another flying page in the area.
  • Behind the tavern "Boar's Head". Return to the Boar's Head Inn. Outside, behind the inn where the page was discovered with Revelio's help, find another one that flies over the river to the west.
  • Between two houses. From J. Pepin's Potions, head north up the street. At the turn, you will see a page flying between two houses.
  • between two stores. From Hogsmeade Square, go to Madame Snelling's Hair Salon. Look for a flying page between this salon and the Invisibility Hat clothing store.

Pages in West Hogsmeade (Lumos)

There is only one mirror and moth puzzle in this region. To find the mirror, go to the backyard of the Boar's Head Inn. Behind the neighboring buildings, head east until you find a mirror next to a locked chest with an eye. To find the moth, go back to the pier behind the Boar's Head. Look for the insect near where you found the page with Revelio.

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