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How to get and upgrade a broom in Hogwarts Legacy


How to get and upgrade a broom in Hogwarts Legacy

We tell you at what point you can ride, buy and improve a broom

What better way to explore the magical world than flying on an enchanted broomstick? So that traveling around the neighborhood of Hogwarts in Hogwarts Legacy does not take too much time, you will have to get a broom. However, before you receive it, you will have to fulfill several conditions. In this guide, we will explain how to get a broom, what missions to complete, where to buy, and how to upgrade it.

To get the broom, you need to advance through the main storyline until the quest "Galkrad's Repose" is completed. After completing this quest, you will be prompted to attend the first broom flying lesson at the Flying Flame "Broom Flying Lawn". Complete both tasks from Madame Kagawa, then fly over the castle with Everett Clopton.

After finishing the lesson, fast-travel to Hogsmeade and get to the sports equipment store opposite Ollivander's shop. Prior to this, the store was closed. Talk to the vendor Alby Wicks and take a look at the brooms he has. Any broom costs 600 gold coins. If you don't have enough gold, you can sell unwanted equipment or find a chest with an eye. Use invisibility to open such a chest and get 500 gold coins.

To use the broom, make sure you are outside the no-fly zone, indicated by the symbol to the right of the mini-map. Equip the broom by holding LB/L1/Tab (Xbox, PS, PC) and pressing B/circle/3. Do not forget that while flying on a broom, you can use the temporary acceleration on the LMB.

How to improve the broom

Purchasing the first broom will unlock the Flight Tests side quest from Mr. Alby Wicks - he will advise you to meet Imelda Reyes on the Quidditch pitch. After talking with her, you will have to fly through the track in the allotted time. Don't miss the rings or you'll be fined. Each lap you miss will add an additional 3 seconds to the course time.

Golden bubbles between the rings allow you to increase your speed. Popping bubbles also replenishes the charge for manual acceleration on the LMB, so be sure to use this function before flying through the following spheres. Once you beat Imelda's record, return to Mr. Wicks to complete the quest. After a while, he will send an owl message notifying you that the broom upgrade is ready. Talk to him again and you can buy an upgrade for 1000 gold coins.

Subsequent upgrades will require you to complete two more races against Imelda Reyes. Thanks to this, in the future you will be able to get two more upgrades for the broom. Challenges are unlocked at certain story points.

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