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How to Complete All Merlin Trials and Expand Your Inventory in Hogwarts Legacy


How to Complete All Merlin Trials and Expand Your Inventory in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, the main character has a limited inventory, but you can expand it with special challenges. In this guide, we will tell you how to complete all the trials of Merlin and what spells you will need to complete.

When you start the game and open your equipment menu, you will notice that the hero has only 20 slots available for various items of clothing. While this is your limit for a while, you will be able to get a few upgrades to double your inventory.

In Hogwarts Legacy, players have access to equipment of varying rarity and quality. It can be bought in the store, found in chests, and sometimes received as a reward for completing quests. Players can wear six different types of gear, including hats, face masks, robes, and clothing, to customize their character's appearance and boost their stats.

It's hard to get extra inventory space. To do this, you will have to complete many Merlin Trials. They are small puzzles that you can find in the open world.

First, you will have to complete a large part of the story quests in order to get to the task "Tests of Merlin".

How to expand inventory in Hogwarts Legacy

In the Exploration menu, scroll down to the Merlin Trials tab. The task is divided into five stages, the player will receive additional slots in the inventory after reaching each of them:

  • 2 tests of Merlin;
  • 6 tests of Merlin;
  • 10 tests of Merlin;
  • 14 tests of Merlin;
  • 18 trials of Merlin.
But before you increase your inventory capacity, you can sell any excess items at every opportunity to any merchant you find on the map. You also save the appearance of any item you've ever found. Thus, you can change the appearance of your equipment to any other. As a last resort, you have the right to destroy any unnecessary equipment, but we still recommend selling items to merchants.

How to start Merlin's trials and find them on the map

Merlin's trials can be unlocked by talking to Nora Treadwell, whom you will meet right after completing the quest with Natty called The Girl from Uagadou. You will hear Treadwell's cry for help, which will start the task. Walk up and talk to her and then protect her from Rookwood's goons.

After that, you will be able to complete the tests of Merlin as they appear on the map in the open world. They are marked with leaflets:

How to start Merlin's trials and find them on the map

On the ground, they are marked with decorative stone circles with the same petals. Use the Revelio spell to make them change color.

How to start Merlin's trials and find them on the map

Merlin's Trials can usually be solved in a number of ways, but the puzzles are fairly simple. You will not be able to complete part of the tasks until you unlock the broom. There are 85 challenges in total in the game. Most of them require specific spells to complete.

How to start Merlin's trials and find them on the map

Tasks can be divided into nine types. The solution to each of them is always in the immediate vicinity of the starting point.

Tests with a large stone ball

Required Spell: Depulso.

You need to roll a large stone ball into a recess in the ground. The balls tend to be quite high, roll very slowly, and are really hard to correct because they are too heavy.

Trials with small stone balls

Required spell: Accio.

In this challenge, you will find stone slabs with four round holes, as well as small stone balls nearby. You need to use the Accio spell to move the orbs to all the stone slabs.

Tests with braziers

Required Spell: Confringo or Incendio.

Here you need to light three braziers mounted on stone pillars. They can be quite far away, so it will be much easier to use the Confringo spell. The braziers need to be lit in a certain order, as they begin to sink into the ground. Start with the highest and end with the lowest.

Moth trials

Required Spell: Lumio.

In this challenge, you need to lead a cluster of moths to a glowing statue, then repeat the action two more times. You will notice the statues right away, but you will have to look for the moths, usually, it is more difficult to notice them. You can use the Revelio spell to light them up. Use Lumio's spell to summon the moths to your wand and then take them to the statue.

Trials with broken statues

Required spell: Reparo.

You will see three statues that will immediately shatter into pieces when you start Merlin's Trial. Use the spell on all three to bring them together.

Block tests

Required Spell: Flipendo.

One of Merlin's most difficult tests. It involves three stone columns, consisting of two stone blocks with pictures. You won't be able to complete it until you have the Flippendo spell. Rotate the top stone block of each column until the symbols match. Focus on the arrow.

You need to change your position relative to the block in order to then change the direction by which you flip the block itself.

Tests with green stones

Required spell: Confringo.

This is one of the easiest Merlin challenges as you just have to use a specific spell to destroy all the blocks. An example block is shown in the picture above. There is always at least one hidden gem, so use Revelio's spell to light them up blue.

Tests with balls on columns

Required Spell: Base spell.

Another simple test of Merlin. Use normal shots to hit the stone balls mounted on the columns. They are located in groups of three around the mission marker. Usually, the hardest part is just finding them. Luckily, the orbs can be illuminated with Revelio, but the pillars can be hidden behind walls or on high ground.

Platform Tests

Required spell: none.

Finally, the rarest of Merlin's tests are simple platform jumps. You will find a line of stone platforms, which is an easy obstacle course. Jump from one to the other without touching the ground until you reach a makeshift finish.

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