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Where to find all mirrors and moths (butterflies) in Hogwarts Legacy

 Location of each mirror and moth to activate it

Hogwarts Legacy contains many interesting secrets and puzzles. One of the types of puzzles that you will encounter in the game is mirrors with moths. You need to find the mirror itself and the magic moth, which is located in the place depicted on the mirror. In this guide, we will tell you where to find all the mirrors on the grounds of Hogwarts Castle and Hogsmeade.

Unlike most other puzzles or collectibles, the side quest "Like a Moth to a Flame" is optional in order to find mirrors and moths. However, you can do this to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of solving the puzzle. The task is taken from the girl from the central hall of the extension to the library at the very beginning of the game.

Essentially, the solution to the puzzle looks like this:

  1. Use Lumos on the dark mirror and it will reveal a clue to the moth's location.
  2. Find this place, you will find a flying moth there. In the side quest, he will be in the opposite part of the central hall. The marker will lead you to the right place.
  3. Use Lumos to attract the moth and bring it back to the mirror. A manual page will appear in front of the mirror. Each mirror will allow you to get one page, which is required to complete the tests.
  4. The moth marker will only appear in the side quest. After this point, you will have to independently study the clues on the mirrors and look for moths. Finally, keep in mind that some areas at the beginning of the game are inaccessible. In some cases, you will have to use the Alohomora spell. Moreover, the spell needs to be improved in order to break the locks of the second and third levels.

Mirrors in the annex to the library

  • Library. Mirror - on the second floor behind the bookcases. Moth - On the podium near the stairs.
  • Potions class. Mirror - Go through the door and go down the stairs on the left side. Open the door next to the cabinet for the smart key. The mirror is at the end of the corridor with paintings. Moth - in front, on the troll statue.

Mirrors in the Astronomy Wing

  • Astronomical tower. Mirror - Go up the stairs until you see a mirror next to the fireplace. Moth - keep climbing to the top of the tower. The magical insect is in front of the board next to the telescope.
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower. Mirror - Right in front of the flying flame when teleporting. Moth - go up one floor. Next to Professor Fig's classroom.
  • Transfiguration class. Mirror - turn around and go through the double doors. Look for a mirror on the wall while climbing the stairs. Moth - Enter the history of magic classroom, which is located on the first floor, opposite the mirror. The moth is in the next room, which requires Alohomora to unlock.
  • Transformation Yard. Mirror - Enter the door and go up the stairs on the right side. This is the famous stinking corridor. Don't worry, green gas is harmless. Moth - to your left, a little further down the corridor. Flutters in front of a painting depicting centaurs.

Mirrors of the wing of the bell tower

  • North exit from Hogwarts. Mirror - in the barn, near the flying flame. Moth - On the far side of this area on the left side of the ramparts.
  • Mirrors in the Great Hall
  • Big hall. Mirror - Turn around and exit the Great Hall. Look for a mirror on the wall on the left side. Moth - behind the podium in the Great Hall, where teachers usually sit.
  • Viaduct courtyard. Mirror - in the outer part of the square overlooking the lake. Moth - go up the stairs and go to the end of the right-side corridor.

South Wing Mirrors

  • The inner courtyard of the clock tower. The mirror is next to the flying flame. When you teleport to this place, you will see a door with a first-level lock on the right side. Moth - go out into the courtyard and look in the far right corner.
  • The inner courtyard of the clock tower. Mirror - turn around and go through the door next to the flying flames. Follow the opposite wing to see a map of the region called Argyllshire. There is a button above the map that can be pressed using the Depulso spell. Moth - Go to the right side of the Argyllshire map and find a moth in the ladies' room.

Mirrors Stairs Hogwarts

  • Lower Front Staircase/Slytherin Dungeon. Mirror - from the flying flame, go to the right side, to the end of the winding corridor. You will see living armor. The mirror is on the right side. Moth - Keep going through the dungeon to the right until you spot a moth against the wall.
  • Ravenclaw tower. Mirror - turn to the left of the flying flame and go down to the base of the marble spiral staircase. Moth - Return to the top of the marble stairs. Look for the insect next to the paintings.
  • Hall of trophies. Mirror - Go to the end of the corridor and go up the steps and stairs. In the end, you will reach a narrow corridor with a Phoenix gargoyle, which blocks the way to the director's office. The mirror is in the same corridor. Moth - Go back down the spiral staircase. The moth flies under the arched ceiling in the mahogany paneled corridor.

Mirrors in Hogsmeade

  • Tavern "Boar's Head". Mirror - next to the Boar's Head Inn, near the chest with the eye. Moth - near a pile of boxes near the Boar's Head Inn.
  • Next to a sports store. You are interested in the flying flame "South Hogsmeade". The store is marked on the map with a Quidditch icon. As soon as you appear at the flying flame, check the back of the house on the right side. Moth - turn around near the mirror and look at the grass behind the shops. Search next to the chest with the eye.
  • Old fool. Mirror - Inside the Old Fool's shop - an abandoned building north of the cemetery. Moth - Check the wooden crates behind the Old Fool.
  • Water Mill. Mirror - Inside the watermill in the eastern part of the city. Moth - cross the road leading back to the city. A moth flies over a lamppost.
  • Timophylls and grebes. Mirror - inside the Timophylls and Toadstools store. The moth is near the chimney. Go outside and climb up the hill on the right side of the shop. So you will find a chimney and a moth fluttering next to it.
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