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How to unlock the House chest in Hogwarts Legacy and find all the dodgy

 How to find all the ingenious keys, open every cabinet of the faculty and unlock the chest of the selected house

Regardless of the house you choose, you can earn a special reward in the common room of your house at Hogwarts Legacy. You probably already noticed the house chest when you first descended into this room after the assignment ceremony. It looks strange and differs significantly from the rest of the chests in the game. Unlike the regular, legendary, and eye-chests you'll find in Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and other parts of the game world, this container will require a special key to unlock. To open it, you need to find 16 tokens of your house. In order to start collecting these tokens, you will first need to start the accompanying side quest.

House tokens are locked inside cabinets scattered throughout Hogwarts. If you want to unlock this chest as soon as possible, we suggest you check out our guide below.

How to open the faculty chest

When you find a chest, don't waste time trying to open it. To unlock it, you need to collect 16 tokens of the faculty chosen during the allocation ceremony. to get house tokens, you need to unlock special wooden cabinets with a large round locking mechanism and a keyhole in the center. House cabinets can only be opened after completing the side quest "Cunning Keys", which can be activated in the Celestial Wing's Transfiguration Yard.

How to open the faculty chest

To open the cabinet, you need to find a flying key located somewhere near it. Use Revelio (R) to discover nearby points of interest. In this mode, all interactive and important objects will be highlighted, including flying keys, which are somewhat reminiscent of a dragonfly. Once you find the key, move closer and it will automatically fly to the closet. Follow him or move to the closet yourself if you know where he is (often you will find the key first, and only after the cabinet that he unlocks).

Go back to the closet and interact with it. When the flying key flies past the keyhole in the center, hit it quickly. The closet will open. Each such cabinet contains one faculty token. You need to find and unlock 16 cabinets to complete the challenge. After receiving all 16 tokens, you must place them in the chest and collect the faculty-related reward. You will unlock the unique shape of your house. Open your inventory, press the F key on any item of equipment, and you can choose its appearance (in this case, the characteristics and properties of the item will remain the same).

Arrangement of cabinets and dodgy keys

  • Token Cabinet #1: Astronomy Wing, Astronomy Tower - inside the classroom. Climb up the tower to find the key.
  • Token Cabinet #2: Library Annex, Central Hall - to the side of the stairs leading to the Transfiguration Yard. The key is next to the stairs near the corridor to the Potions classroom.
  • Token Cabinet #3: Library Annex, Central Hall - Located on the upper stairs of the Central Hall leading to the massive double doors behind which is the Great Hall Bridge. The key is behind the stairs to the right of the front doors.
  • Wardrobe with token #4: Stairs of Hogwarts, front staircase. The cabinet is located one level above the flying flame. Climb up the central stairs until you find a convoluted key.
  • Cabinet with token #5: library annex, library - in the far right corner of the first floor of the library. The key is near the fireplace.
  • Token Cabinet #6: Astronomy Wing, Dark Arts Defense Classroom - Located on the same floor as the Dark Arts Defense Classroom. Exit the room and look for a closet in the hallway. Go down one floor and find the key near the rhinoceros skeleton.
Arrangement of cabinets and dodgy keys

  • Token Locker #7: Teachers' Tower South Wing - On the bottom floor of the Teachers' Tower. Look under the stairs. The key is on the floor above.
  • Token Locker #8: South Wing, Hospital Wing - One floor below the flying flame, next to the prefects' bathroom. The key is in the corridor with portraits leading inside the clock tower.
  • Token cabinet #9: South wing, clock tower courtyard. Go through the door with the lock of the first level and follow the stairs up until you find another closet. The key is located one floor below this closet.
  • Token Cabinet #10: Great Hall. In the lobby of the large hall, at the base of the stairs, there is a closet. The key is located in a small room nearby.
  • Token Cabinet #11: Great Hall. In the largest room, go up the stairs in the corner to find a closet. The key flies near the giant fireplace.
  • Token Cabinet #12: Library Annex, Potions Classroom. Go down the stairs from the Potions classroom to the left of the front door. The key is at the top of the stairs.
  • Token Cabinet #13: Bell Tower Wing, Bell Tower Yard - Go up the side stairs to the music room. The closet is located next to the classroom. The key is just below - go down the stairs.
  • Cabinet with token #14: Wing of the bell tower, courtyard of the bell tower. Go down the stairs from the previous cabinet and go to the basement to find a new one. The key is located just below, near the statue of a sleeping dragon.
  • Cabinet with token #15: Wing of the bell tower, courtyard of the bell tower. Go deep into the basement to find a storage location for the barrels. This passage leads to a secret room with a map. You will find the key on the way to the closet itself.
  • Token Cabinet #16: Hogwarts Stairs, Cobbled Yard - Located next to the door leading to Gryffindor Tower. This is the only closet that can be found outside the castle, outdoors. The key is outside, on the path leading to the neighboring courtyard with a garden.
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