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Hogwarts Legacy side quest walkthrough


Hogwarts Legacy side quest walkthrough

Hogwarts Legacy is an exciting game set in the Harry Potter universe in which you have to go to study at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and explore a large open world. In this guide, we will tell you in detail about the passage of all side tasks.

Like a moth to a flame. How to find a butterfly

We go to the annex to the library and communicate with Lenora. The girl will ask you to reveal the secret of the picture. She will leave a hint about the need to use Lumos. Activate the spell. We go from the picture to the right, go down the stairs, and to the left of the statue of a fat man we find a butterfly.

We attribute it to the picture, re-apply Lumos and get the "Guide" page. We communicate with the girl and tell her about the secret of the picture. Here we grab the flying page of the "Manual" with the help of Accio. We go down and find another flying page "Manual".

We use Revelio near the fountain and get the page "Guide" - "Fountain in the central hall".

Books swept off the shelves. How to collect pages

We go down to the large hall and communicate with Cressida Bloom. The girl will ask you to collect five books in the library. We pass inside and find three objects in the air on the first floor, and the remaining two on the second tier. We use Accio on each of them and after collecting the entire set we return to Cressida.

Also in the library, we find a page from the "Manual". On the second floor, be sure to approach the picture, activate Lumos, and move to the large image of a man in the center of the hall. Grab the butterfly on the counter in front of him and return it to the painting.

On the first floor, we pick up Professor Black's note in the central niche at the exit. We return to the large hall and near the large gate we use Revelio to find the page of the "Guide" near the fat man - "Statue of Gregory the Flattering".

A whole bunch of spit-stones. Where to find all items

We move along the marker to the office of protection from the dark arts and find Zenobia Noak.

To complete the task, you need to go through six points and collect all the spit stones:

  1. In the courtyard - on the bridge in front of the restored statue. Look up from the fountain and use Accio.
  2. Before entering the tower of divination - on a chandelier.
  3. On a wooden bridge - look at the beams and attract the object.
  4. Ravenclaw Tower is on the second column on the right. Along the way, we can activate an empty picture, go up to the first flight of stairs and pick up a butterfly on the right. A little further we grab the page "Manuals".
  5. The entrance to the trophy hall is to the right of the troll armor on the archway. We pass into the next room from the previous stone and climb the stairs to the left to the trophy hall. Here, from the big knight, we get the “Guide” page - “Troll Armor”.
  6. Trophy Hall - On the far side of the room between two silver goblets on the top shelf. On the other side, we find a chest, inside of which are "Gray Quidditch Gloves".
We find on the other side of the trophy hall the page "Manuals" - "Centaur Armor". Inside the trophy hall, we also examine the award for outstanding achievements. We return to Zenobia to complete the task. The Skeleton Augurey manual page can be found next to the Defense Against the Dark Arts room, not far from the singing instruments. Also, before entering the annex to the library in the air, we pick up the page "Manuals".

We go down the stairs and examine the picture with the children and the blue ball with the help of Revelio and find the page "Guide" - "Portrait of Illius".

Another page of the "Manual" is in the courtyard. We activate Levioso on it. We repeat the action in the center of the courtyard and open the page "Guide" - "Fountain in the form of a wyvern".

Secret in the castle. How to find treasure

We put a marker and go to Arthur Plumley. The student will ask the hero to unravel the secret of the map and find the treasure. We immediately climb the stairs and find a locked door with equations.

On the left side, we install a dromarog (a horned horse with tentacles), and on the right side, an octopus. Inside we open the chest and get a felt hat in a dark cage. In a small box, we find an entry - "Destroyed high stairs". We get to the Defense Against the Dark Arts office and go down to the skeleton.

We go out into the courtyard to the fountain. We pass behind the statue through a large door and go upstairs to the picture. We use Accio, we follow inside and we find the school uniform of the historian. Back to Arthur Plumley.

Cunning keys. How to open vaults and get faculty tokens

We leave for the patio and talk with Nelly Oggspire. We go to the astronomical tower. Along the way, we can collect several collectibles. First, use Levioso on the statute and find the page "Manuals".

We rise above and use Revelio in the corridor to get a collectible item - "Tapestry with the image of Barnabas Vzdryuchenny". We pass into the astronomy room and pick up a letter from Professor Shah's sister from the table.

We climb the stairs to the level above, find the flying key and go down back to the classroom. We open the box. To do this, you need to slap on the key when it flies over the keyhole. Inside we find the faculty token.

We return to Nelly. We follow into the living room of Slytherin and insert the token into the box. To complete the task, the player will have to collect 16 tokens. We will mark them in the process of passing the plot and side tasks. Please note that some of the boxes can only be found after studying certain spells, and their location does not change depending on the faculty, so we collect all the items and return to the living room of our house to receive a reward.

Poison courage. How to get a tentacula leaf

After learning the Incendio spell, we follow the marker to Duncan Hobhouse. The student will ask you to go to the secret corridor of herbology and bring a rare item from there. We move on the marker.

On the way at the large gate, we use Revelio and inspect the collectible item - Broken Broom. At the fountain near the greenhouse, we pick up another page of the "Manual".

We look around the corner on the left and find "Hippopaths". We go down, set fire to the plants, and follow the secret corridor of herbology.

We drive away the Devil's snares with fire and go forward. We climb the stairs to the right, light the torches, jump over the abyss, and find the tailor's hat to reveal secrets. We go back down and move in a straight line. Ahead we get rid of the plants and find in the chest a pervanche-colored cylinder. We get to the poisonous tentacula and pick up the leaf. We use the nearest ladder and climb into the greenhouses. We collect the plants and open the chest on the far right side of the room to get the Renaissance hat.

We pass into the next room, use Revelio and find the page "Guide" - "Zeppelin Plums".

We activate the spell again near the large tree in the central part of the greenhouses and pick up the collectible - "Tree in the greenhouse".

We pass into the castle and immediately notice the key. We follow him and open the vault to get a faculty token.

Next, use the buttons to open the door. On the left, select the spider, and at the top, activate the hydra. Inside we find framed portraits and a weakened purple scarf with a lock. We return to Duncan and give the student a leaf. As a reward, we will receive a mantle of the color of a poisonous tentacula.

Crossed Wands: Round 3. How to break shields and win a duel

We go to Lukan and defeat the four students to win the tournament. On the red shield, use Incendio at close range. Otherwise, the player will have exactly the same battle as in previous battles.

Combination training 2. How to complete the task

We immediately talk with Lucan and go through training with a mannequin.

After the fight, we go outside and use Revelio near the well. We examine the page of the "Guide" - "The Well of Four Creatures".

Lost astrolabe. How to find a relic

On the pier, we communicate with Grace Pinch-Smedley. The girl will ask you to get a family heirloom from the bottom of the lake. We swim to the point and inspect several places.

We'll find a Celtic scarf with a brushstroke pattern, an indigo sorcerer's hat, the ultimate Quidditch gloves, a dark scarf with a desert pattern, and an astrolabe. We return to Grace and give her the item.

The stolen cart. How to return items to a goblin

We communicate with the goblin. The man will ask you to return the cart.

We move along the path and run into a broken tent. We use Revelio and find the page "Guide" - "Hebridean Black Dragon Scales".

To the left of the path, we find a cave. We pull the handle to pull out the stone and go down. To the right, we grab a stone from the wall and approach the bowls in a straight line to lower the floor. From the chest, we get the official school uniform with embroidery.

We go outside and nearby we complete the test of Merlin. To do this, we destroy all bowls with the green matter in the area.

Nearby we find the page "Guide" - "Tentacles of the gorgus". We continue the path to the goblin camp, go into a cave in the mountain, and find an indigo sorcerer's hat. Here we perform the test of Merlin. To do this, use Accio and Leviosso to move the balls to the appropriate platforms.

We get to the goblin camp. We destroy everyone, open the gate to complete the task, and inspect the area. In the chest near the carts, we find a pink-lilac beret. We move the drawer aside and find an ocher-colored cloak. We return back to Arn. As a reward, we will receive a piece of clothing. We leave the city and pass the test of Merlin. Use Levioso and Accio, and drag the balls to the platforms.

Summoner Field: Match 1. How to win the game

We leave the castle and follow the mark to get to the student. Use Accio to the orange zone and draw all the balls to the blue plank. If necessary, you can accelerate and knock out the opponent's spheres from the field.

Confusion over sweets. How to find a secret at Hogwarts, collect collectibles and get into the "Sweet Kingdom"

We leave for the great hall and communicate with Garrett Weasley. In the process of completing this task, we will collect a large number of items, so if you do not want to look for secrets, immediately skip to the end of the section.

On the way, we solve the puzzle on the bridge. First of all, we light all four bowls. After that, we look at the sign on the ground and set them in the same sequence:

  1. Left middle - "IV".
  2. Right neighbor - "II",
  3. Left far - "I".
  4. Right far - "III".
Below we find the handle "Shell-metal", a decoration item, and a fancy nightcap. In the yard, use Levioso and get the "Guide" page.

On the lower stairs on the left, we examine the picture and in the right opening, we find a butterfly. We go back and take the next page of the "Manual". We go around the castle and on the other side of the courtyard we take the collectible item from the air.

We also use Revelio at the statue and open the Yawning Gargoyle. Next, at the stairs, we find a butterfly and take it to the left side of the courtyard to an empty picture.

Near the butterfly, use Levioso, Accio, and Incendio to light the fire to get three more pages of the Manual. On the right side of the courtyard, we find the key on the upper tier and reach the vault with the faculty token. We go in the nearest door and set fire to the statue to get the page "Manual".

We go up the stairs and find another collectible - Argyllshire Map. Around the corner, we take a blue cap. We rise above and examine the frog. In the secret room, we pick up the handle "Vortex-shaped - lilac".

In the Great Hall, we find the key and take out the faculty token from the storage. At the top, we grab the page "Manuals".

We examine the tables and another collectible item - the "Great Hall Ceiling".

Near the door with the equations, we install the spider in the left nest and the hydra in the right one. Inside we find a decoration item and a gloomy costume.

We examine the director's desk and open the page "Manuals" - "Pulpit in the form of an owl". We go out into the corridor, study the empty picture and return back. We find a butterfly behind the counter, take it to the place and get a collectible.

In the corridor, we examine the hourglass of the faculties to get the page of the same name "Guidelines".

On the other hand, we study the statue to open a collectible item - "Architect of Hogwarts". Climb higher and grab the book in the air to get to the Manual page.

We use the buttons of the first and sixth characters to break open the door with the equation. Inside we will find forest-colored gloves with rivets and a decorative element. We find the key on the upper stairs and go down to get the faculty token.

We pass through the doors, find the key and immediately go to the vault for the faculty token.

Let's activate the mission. Garrett will ask you to bring an item from the Sweet Kingdom. We pass into the castle, climb the stairs and turn left into the first passage. We examine the statue with the help of Revelio and open the page "Guide" - "Passage to the" Sweet Kingdom "".

We follow through the tunnel, use Reparo to repair the bridge, and go down to the lower tier. We continue to follow the marker. We use Incendio on the web, we rise a little higher and find a natural-colored scarf in the chest.

We use Levioso on the platform and go forward. We find a stylish cylinder near the water. We use Reparo and Levioso to raise the platforms and go further.

Behind the stairs, we find brown leather fingerless gloves. We go up to the store. We immediately open the drawer and find blue sunglasses. We pick up the plot item and go outside.

From the back of the store near the neighboring house, we examine the box with the eye. We also grab the flying page of the "Manual" to the right of the chest. Back to Garrett. As a reward, we will receive a Quidditch board.

The ghost of our love How to find candles and find a hidden place

The card from this quest will be found by the player during the quest Scrope's Last Hope. We go to the Forbidden Forest. At night, along the way, we go along the left path to the bandit camp. We destroy the enemies, go into the cave, dive into the water, and take out the Renaissance hat from the chest. In the camp, we examine the boxes and find the stone "Destruction III". Here, nearby, we pass the test of Merlin. To complete it, destroy the balls. From the point of movement "Forbidden Forest" we go to the left bridge and use Lumos. Here we pick up a love letter. We move to the east for flying candles. We get to a romantic place and take out a scarf from the chest.

Follow the butterflies. How to get treasure

We move to Hogsmeade and get to Clementine Willarsdsey. The girl will talk about butterflies. We will also immediately go for the potions that will be required when completing the quest "Professor Sharpe's Task 1" . At the exit from the store on the left, use Accio to pick up the flying page of the "Manual" . We go to the Forbidden Forest. We move after the butterflies and find a chest with a collectible. Back to Clementine.

Delivery required. How to complete the quest and collect collectibles

We activate the task at Perin. We get Invisibility Potions and go to Fatima Lawang on the marker.

We use Revelio at the first house on the right at the entrance to the settlement and open the page "Guide" - " Tilted House". Inside it, we will find a burgundy robe and a duelist's suit. On the left by the river, we inspect the chests and pick up the vagabond's vestments and gold-rimmed crescent-shaped glasses.

At the bar on the street, use Revelio and open Ginger Root.

Nearby we pass the test of Merlin. We approach the ball, take out a book with recipes for potions from the chest and move the stone into the hole behind the bridge. To do this, we use Levioso, Accio and Depulso. We give potions to Fatima.

In a small house by the river, we can pick up the handle of the wand and open the page "Guide" - "Beehives". If we dive into the water and get into the dungeon through the portal, we will find a woolen cape with fleece and a Celtic scarf with a pattern in the form of a brush stroke. We return to Perin.

Flight tests. How to get a broom

We go to the sporting goods store in Hogsmeade. Inside the chest, we find blue sunglasses and blue leather gloves.

We use Revelio and open the page "Manuals" - "Krugoletka Sporting Goods Store". We communicate with Alby Wicks, buy a new broom for 600 coins, and agree to help the man. We get to the Quidditch field. We communicate with Imelda and pass the track for a while faster than the girl. We return to the store.

Interior decoration. How to improve the Help-room and get the spell "Change"

The professor will ask you to find the moonstone. Most likely, by this time they will already be in inventory. Worst case, we can go to Hogsmeade and buy a few. We create five decor items. Learn Change Spells. We change various objects, balconies, walls, and floors. We choose the general style of the room and complete the mission.

Sweeping competitors. How to improve the broom

We leave for Hogsmeade and go to the sporting goods store. We buy improvements for the broom for 1000 coins. We set off along the marker to Imelda and fly along the highway at speed. We achieve a better result than the girl.

Intrigue with vases. How to open the battle arena

We leave for a distant village to Altea Krutniks. The woman will ask you to solve a puzzle. We follow the marker and destroy 20 vessels, which are located along the perimeter of the ruined castle. If desired, we can go to the battle arena and fight off waves of enemies.

Dark depths. How to find an artifact underwater

We go down to Nerida Roberts by elevator.

We examine the chests and use the spell to find the page "Guide" - "Underground Harbor". We swim to the boat station and find another collectible.

We go down through the portal in the water. With the help of Incendio, we burn the web and activate Lumos to drag three butterflies to the door. We open the sarcophagus - inside we will find an artifact of the water people.

To be continued...

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