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How to make healing potions in Hogwarts Legacy: where to find the ingredients, how to open the recipe and brew the potion


How to make healing potions in Hogwarts Legacy

Healing potion, also known as Rowan brew (Wiggenwald Potions) is one of the most important consumables in Hogwarts Legacy. You can carry up to 25 potions, but making that many is not cheap. In this guide, we will tell you how to open a potion recipe, what ingredients are needed to make it, and where to find them.

Rarely, a potion of healing can be found while exploring the world, but mostly you will have to prepare them yourself. In the game, it consists of two ingredients. One of them grows in the open world, but the second one will either have to be bought or grown on its own.

How to open and make "Rowan brew"

First, you need to go through one of the quests of the main storyline called "Secrets of the Forbidden Section". After that, the Herbology and Potions classes will open to us. To gain access to the necessary "workbench", you need to finish the lesson in the Potions class.

How to open and make "Rowan brew"

Another way is the potion shop in Hogsmeade. In it you can buy ready-made potions, as well as their recipes and some necessary ingredients.

To prepare Rowan broth, you will need Horklump juice and Dittany Leaves:

  • Murlocomle Juice - can be found in the lower reaches of Hogsmeade, next to the water. The ingredient is found inside or near the caves. You will often meet him while exploring the catacombs and dungeons. It can also be purchased from the potion shop in Hogsmeade;
  • Star Anise Leaves - You can purchase them from Timothy at the Magic Turnip or grow them in the Greenhouse in pots of any size. Unlike Murlocomle Juice, this ingredient cannot be found in the wild. You can also get the seeds of this plant from Timothy during the passage of the main storyline.

How to get a lot of ingredients for Rowan Brew?

By the middle of the game, you will be able to get both ingredients in large quantities, so you will no longer be short of healing potions.

Purlocomle's Juice: Go to the small dungeon Murlocomle's Hollow, near upper Hogsmeade. Walk through the dungeon and collect 11 ingredients, then go to the world map and wait three days. To do this, press R3 / X or RMB. After that, the plants will reappear and you can collect them.

How to get a lot of ingredients for Rowan Brew?

Badian Leaves: As soon as you gain access to the Room of Rescue, we advise you to immediately plant these plants. In total, you can plant seven tubs, and soon they will begin to continuously produce leaves. It remains only to periodically visit the Help Room and harvest.

Also, when you earn enough money, we advise you to use fertilizers to speed up the growth of plants. As soon as you manage to get enough ingredients, the need to spend money on potions will disappear.

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