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How long is Hogwarts Legacy, quest list and what to do after the story


How long is Hogwarts Legacy, quest list and what to do after the story

Hogwarts Legacy is finally here, and in the tradition of open-world games, the fact that it's huge and packed with tons of content is a double-edged sword. For those who will be able to spend entire days there, it will be a real godsend, in fact, but for players with less time available, the number of hours they will find themselves in front of could be rather complicated to digest. But is it really so? Let's find out how long Hogwarts Legacy lasts, how many missions it includes, and what you do after finishing the main story in the endgame.


The first answer we can give you is one to the question of how long Hogwarts Legacy lasts . The game developed by Avalanche has a main quest which, together with a fair but not very high number of side missions, took us about 21 hours. This figure is based on the title's internal clock, which most likely pauses while you're in the menus (which, to tweak spells, consult equipment and inventory, and so on), which explains why the our chronometer instead stopped at 27 hours.

The calculation of the main missions settles on the 44 main quests, but some of these could not be activated if you don't talk to certain characters during the story, as well as others could be triggered with game time, so take this as an estimate of the volume of content of basis more than for an exact figure. Clearly, counting all the secondary content, there is a possibility that you can reach 50 hours, since the side activities and side quests are not lacking at all, and are largely a pleasure to explore.


At the end of the main story, Hogwarts Legacy will allow you to continue playing, freely exploring the school of magic and its surroundings. This will allow you to complete any secondary activities that you may have left behind to dedicate yourself to the main quest. But it doesn't end there, because some new missions will be activated right after finishing the main story.

A new narrative arc called "Get Ready for the OWLS" will be divided into two new main missions, which will effectively spell the end of your experience at Hogwarts:

  • Talk to Professor Weasley
  • Complete the How-To Guide to Magic

The first involves only a short dialogue with Professor Weasley, while for the second you will have to keep looking for all the pages of the Practical Guide to Magic scattered around the world of Hogwarts Legacy, so it is an activity that could certainly take a long time.

Finally, another mission will close the story in full Harry Potter film style: "The Cup of Houses". This mission will ask you to "go to the year-end banquet in the Great Hall", during which it will be decided which house will have won the annual challenge between Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Again you'll probably have to work a bit to get there: the mission requires level 34, which is roughly 7 levels above that required to complete the final main story quest.

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