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TOP 15 games similar to Hogwarts Legacy


TOP 15 games similar to Hogwarts Legacy

In February 2023, a long-awaited event happened - the release of Hogwarts Legacy, a review of which you can already read on our website. Now even those who never received their letter from the school of witchcraft can join the magical world and learn magic and more.

If you have completed Hogwarts Legacy, but are not ready to return to the insipid world without magic, we have prepared a list of games that are in one way or another similar to the creation of Avalanche Software - in spirit, atmosphere, gameplay elements, and other parameters. Let's fly!

1. Fable

Yes, the very first game I really want to mention is Fable, released in 2004, an action RPG in which the main character can fight both with real weapons and with the help of magic. The accumulated experience points are used to upgrade the character.

In addition, there are quite extensive opportunities for personalizing the hero, and all his actions are reflected in the world around him. He did a good deed - he got a plus in karma and a halo over his head. He did nasty things - not only did he become a bad guy, but also the horns grew.


The main essence of Fable is that the player can independently decide what his hero will be like (good or evil), whether to run into every battle or calmly fish and so on. And that's great.

2. Divinity Series

Of course, when it comes to magic, where without the Divinity series! Almost all parts have an isometric view, which only adds to the atmosphere and helps to see more beauty (or frightening locations) and details of the world. A clear plus is that you can play both alone and in co-op, sharing your adventures with a friend.

Perhaps, two games can be distinguished in the series - Divinity: Original Sin and Divinity: Original Sin 2. Players will have to resist evil, explore a magnificent world and immerse themselves in an interesting story.

Divinity Series

And even if this is not Hogwarts in all its glory, but the Divinity series with its plot, atmosphere, characters, and pumping is no less magnificent.

3. The Elder Scrolls Series

What gaming top would do without The Elder Scrolls series? And here you ask, what about Hogwarts Legacy? Let's see: The Elder Scrolls series has magic, dragons, a detailed game world that can be explored endlessly, and an extensive leveling system.

And despite the fact that The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is already more than 11 years old, it still does not lose not only its relevance but also the audience. A lot of mods add just an endless stream of content to the game.

Even after a large number of years, the world of The Elder Scrolls is striking in its beauty
Even after a large number of years, the world of The Elder Scrolls is striking in its beauty

The game will soon be 12 years old, and maybe something will happen that fans will exclaim: “Waited for 12 years! In Azkaban!"

4. Harry Potter series

Top games similar to Hogwarts Legacy, but without a series of games with the same wizard's name in the title? Oh no! Of course, most of the games in the Harry Potter series are closely related to the plot of the books and well illustrate the adventures of the young wizard and his friends. Accordingly, players can go all the way from "You're a wizard, Harry" to Voldemort's thunderstorm and Death Eaters. Of course, for this, you need to learn a lot of spells, harden yourself in battles, and along the way, thoroughly study Hogwarts!

By the way, do not forget that there were also games in the style of a children's designer - LEGO Harry Potter. They deserve, perhaps, special attention not only for their style but also for their humor.

Harry Potter series

Additionally, let's mention Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, a shareware mobile game that allows you to learn magic on iOS and Android. Players create a hero on their own, and even without additional investment of money, you can mold a completely pleasant character. However, in order to not only run around Hogwarts for free but also pump and participate in dialogues, you need to have either titanic patience or a bottomless wallet.

5. The Legend of Zelda Series

Probably one of the most fabulous and beautiful series of games is The Legend of Zelda. In every sense, the magical world beckons to study it, discover new recipes, and fight enemies, so that in the end, of course, defeat evil and save that very Princess Zelda.

All this is to be done by a hero named Link. Players can upgrade his abilities, explore the game world on horseback, buy a house, and choose the most fashionable and powerful armor for the hero.

The Legend of Zelda Series

The first game in the series was released back in 1986, and at the moment only its main branch has about 20 games. It seems that Link's adventures will not end soon.

6. Magicka Series

The name speaks for itself. The Magicka series is not only imbued with magic but also based on Norse mythology with a bunch of references to a huge number of popular fandoms (games, books, etc.) - from Warhammer to the universe of Terry Pratchett (Sir Terry Pratchett) "Discworld" (Discworld ). And of course, according to the classics, the player will have to save the world from dark wizards.

Therefore, if you love magic, and humor and have nothing against an isometric view, you should get acquainted with a series like Magicka. Or return to her world.

7. Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena: Bridge of Spirits will show players a fabulous magical world, which, unfortunately, is buried in filth. It will be up to Kena to save him, the conductor of the spirits, capable of sending souls to rest.

And let the plot seems simple, but it really touches the soul, and the atmosphere of the world only enhances emotions.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Actually, what will the player have to do, if we ignore the global goal of saving the magical world? The answer is to consider its beauty, study the environment, solve puzzles, fight enemies, and discover new skills. The game is linear, but the world is big enough to keep you engrossed.

8. The Witcher Series

The protagonist of The Witcher series, the legendary witcher Geralt, deftly handles swords and masters the basics of magic. He does not need a wand to use it, but if you remember, wizards in the world of Harry Potter could do some magical things without using wands.

In addition, if we ignore the main character, then in the world of The Witcher there are quite a few sorcerers, sorceresses, and witches who successfully use their magical abilities.

The Witcher Series

Among the sorceresses, of course, first of all, Yennefer and Triss are remembered, using their abilities not only for peaceful purposes (for healing, for example) but also in battles. The world of The Witcher is permeated with magic, but not only light but also dark.

9. Noita

Perhaps, if we talk about games with magic and magic, we can also mention Noita, an arcade fantasy action platformer. Of the interesting - side view, procedural generation of the level, the inevitability of the death of the hero, and also the fact that for each pixel the simulation is calculated separately. Put out the fire with the blood of enemies? Can! Burn everything around with oil? Spit once!


The main character is a witch who can create her own spells. If you die, you start from the very beginning, but, based on previous experience, you will inevitably go further, exploring the world and caves along the way. The game is suitable for fans of Finnish mythology, some of the creatures that you have to face are taken from there.

10. Neverwinter Nights Series

Not to mention the famous Neverwinter Nights series, which began with the legendary Dungeons & Dragons board game. The series is quite old (the first game was released back in 1991), but still popular.

Neverwinter is an ancient city-state of incredible beauty that impresses with its grandeur. Players here solve quests, search dungeons and follow the most interesting plot in the fairy-tale world. If you're looking for an interesting RPG that will keep you entertained for many hours, check out this series.

11. The Sims 4: Realm of Magic

The Sims 4: Realm of Magic is one of the expansions that added magic to the legendary life simulator. With it, Sims can wave their wands, cast spells, make familiars, and fly on broomsticks. And also buy yourself a cauldron and brew a potion in it, studying alchemy.

Witches or sorcerers can not only be created in the editor itself but also endow an existing Sim with magical abilities (although you will have to resort to magic, of course). Magic can be used both in ordinary household chores and, for example, to play dirty tricks.

However, magic will still need to be learned! You can’t just take it and start conjuring, a careless sim can even die. What is even more pleasing is that with this addition a new city opens up, where just the same it will be comfortable for a family of wizards to live.

12. Little Witch Academy: Chamber of Time

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time is perfect for fans of stories with school romance and magic. And if you watched the anime of the same name, then you will definitely be delighted. The main character, Akko, is stubborn and funny, but in terms of magic, she is mediocre, although she stubbornly tries to learn.

In the game, you will not only wander around the academy, living a kind of "Groundhog Day" with friends (due to Akko's mistake), but also go down into the dungeons to fight local monsters and earn currency.

13. Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup

Do you want to fly on a broomstick? Then you will like Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup, which was decided to be taken out separately. The multiplayer sports simulation of Quidditch, which Harry Potter was so good at, will allow you to play for one of the four teams of the Hogwarts school. In addition, you can take on any role in the team.

Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup

Players will have to broom through giant arenas, catch the snitch, dodge bludgers and take the quofl from the enemy team. In addition, in the game, you will meet a lot of long-familiar characters that everyone loved so much during the existence of the Harry Potter story.

14. Wylde Flowers

The colorful and measured farming simulator Wylde Flowers will appeal to those who want to relax and take a break from the action.

You have to play as a young sorceress named Tara, who takes care of the family farm, animals, fishing, and other ordinary activities during the day, and at night she changes to a broomstick, brews potions, turns into animals, and conjures.

Wylde Flowers

If you like these kind of farm simulators, then this game will definitely come in. In addition, the village in which the heroine lives is inhabited by other characters with unusual stories.

15. Persona 5

And finally, another game that anime fans will love. The game raises acute social topics, and the main character is a mysterious and not very talkative Japanese schoolboy who has special abilities.

With the help of his abilities, he fights various spirits, but at the same time he still goes to school, passes exams, hangs out with friends in various places in the city, and so on.

Persona 5

Social connections in Persona 5 play an important role. The character and personal qualities of the characters help to pump this or that person (such incarnations of the "masks" that people wear in society). Each of them needs a certain approach and well-chosen words, otherwise, nothing will work.

Actually, such a selection turned out. So far, it is difficult to find the most approximate analogue of Hogwarts Legacy, but there are games one way or another similar. What do you think? What other games would you add to the list? What have you already played? Tell me in the comments!

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