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How to answer all Sophronia's questions in Hogwarts Legacy

How to answer all Sophronia's questions in Hogwarts Legacy

 Correct answers to the quiz questions in the game.

During the passage of the task of Professor Weasley, you will be asked to find two pages of the manual, and only after that, you will be able to learn the very useful Transformation spell, which allows you to turn an enemy or object into something (or someone) else. You will receive the first page in the underground harbor without any problems. Walk on the marker, use "Revelio" and pick up the item. When you try to find the second page in the library, you will meet student Sophronia Franklin. She will ask you a few questions that you must answer. At the same time, it is not necessary to answer correctly to get the manual page. The questions are divided into three separate rounds, and the first one you pass without fail, the other two are optional, immediately or later.

Below we have compiled a list of all questions with answers to them.

First round

Question. What magical creature was involved in Quidditch before the Golden Snitch was invented?

Answer: Golden Snidget.

Question. Which potion is also often referred to as "Liquid Luck"?

Answer: Felix Felicis.

Question. What magical artifacts are mentioned in The Tale of the Three Brothers?

Answer: Deathly Hallows.

Question. What is the biggest Quidditch ball?

Answer: Quaffle.

Question. Is it true that Polyjuice Potion can turn whoever drinks it into a different kind of creature?

Answer: incorrect.

Second round

Question. What government organization was the predecessor of the Ministry of Magic?

Answer: Council of wizards.

Question. What breed of dragons are the smallest?

Answer: Peruvian serpent tooth.

Question. Who founded Hogsmeade?

Answer: Engist of Woodcroft.

Question. What magical creature, as a result of crossing with a ghoul, gave birth to a lurker?

Answer: Demimask.

Question. What is the only spell that can scare away the twilight?

Answer: Patronus spell.

Question. Who issued the Law of elemental transfigurations?

Answer: Gump.

Question. What is the Hogwarts motto?

Answer: Don't tickle a sleeping dragon.

Question. What magical creature lays eggs through its mouth?

Answer: Runespur.

Question. Where is Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry located?

Answer: Mount Greylock.

Question. What is the name of the most powerful love potion?

Answer: Depreciation.

Third round

Question. Who killed Emeric the Evil in a duel?

Answer : Egbert Egoist.

Question. What is the name of the violation of the rules, in which the hunter is still holding the Quaffle when he passes through the ring?

Answer: Pushing through.

Question. What is an unusual side effect of a spotted clawpod bite?

Answer: bad luck.

Question. Which plant produces stinking juice?

Answer: Mimbulus mimbletonia.

Question. Which wizard in the twelfth century created the medicine that formed the basis of the Wandering Potion?

Answer: Linfred of Stinchcombe.

Question. What did the elderly sorcerer leave for his son in the Jumping Pot in the fairy tale "The Witch and the Jumping Pot"?

Answer: Slipper.

Question. Name the homeland of Sunlligaster.

Answer: North America.

Question. What was the name of the Muggle Knight in the Fairy Fortune's Fountain?

Answer: Sir Unlucky.

Question. What is the name of the largest kelpie in the world?

Answer: Loch Ness Creature.

Question. What was the name of the first Minister for Magic?

Answer: Ulic Gump.

If you pass all three rounds, then Sophronia will give you an additional two potions. There are no achievements for passing the quiz. On the other hand, after each of your answers, Sophronia provides even more details about the universe, the game world and the characters that inhabit it.

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