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How to Solve All the Puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy - How to Open Symbolized Doors, Eye Safes, Locked Cabinets and Locks


How to Solve All the Puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy - How to Open Symbolized Doors, Eye Safes, Locked Cabinets and Locks

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world RPG based on the Harry Potter books and films. During the passage, you will face various riddles and puzzles. To solve most of them, you have to use the right spell. In this guide, we will tell you how to solve all the little puzzles in the game.

While exploring the school of magic, you will find locked chests, statues that can be set on fire, strange mirrors, flying keys, and locked cabinets. As we have already noted, in order to solve most of these puzzles, you will need to use a certain spell.

How to solve all puzzles in Hogwarts. What spells to use

Tip: To gain access to new spells, just follow the story quests. If you don't already have the necessary skills to solve a puzzle on your way, skip it and come back later.

Flying Pages

Just pick up the page with your hand if it is close to the hero. Otherwise, use Azio to pull the flying pages towards you.

Flying Pages

Moth Mirror

Go to the mirror and look into it. At this point, the player will be shown a random location, which is located somewhere in Hogwarts. Find this place, then use the Lumos spell to get the Manual Pages.

Moth Mirror

Note: You will only be able to use the mirrors after completing the Like A Moth To A Frame side mission. It will be available in the library of the central building.

Orb Statue

Use the Levioso on the stone statues holding the orb to get the Manual Pages.

Orb Statue

Dragon Brazier

Approach the brazier and use Incendio's spell to light it. You will receive "Manual" Pages.

Dragon Brazier

Brazier with Gargoyle (Gargoyle Brazier)

Just like dragon braziers, these statues can be set on fire with Incendio. If the brazier is too far away from you, use the Confringo spell.

Brazier with Gargoyle (Gargoyle Brazier)

Doors with symbols and numbers (Symbol Door)

You don't need spells to solve these puzzles. They are small math puzzles in which you have to put the numbers right. Below we will indicate what the symbols mean:

  • Demimasca (a herbivore that looks like a monkey with big eyes) - 0 ;
  • Unicorn - 1 ;
  • Kelpi (water demon) - 2 ;
  • Hydra (a snake-like creature with several heads) - 3 ;
  • Fwooper (African bird) - 4 ;
  • Five-legged (predator with five legs) - 5 ;
  • Donkey (lizard) - 6 ;
  • Marmite (a cross between dust mites and squid) - 7 ;
  • Acromantula (poisonous spider) - 8 ;
  • Giant squid - 9.
Doors with symbols and numbers (Symbol Door)

Locked cabinet in the House Cabinet

If you stumble upon a locked cabinet, then you need to find a flying key nearby. Only with its help you can open access to the faculty room. The key itself is quite noticeable - you will hear a characteristic sound when you are next to it. Accompany the key to the closet, then, when it flies by, hit it. This will give you the Faculty Token.

Locked cabinet in the House Cabinet

Note: These cabinets can only be opened after completing the side quest The Daedalian Keys.

Eye Chests

When you find a chest like this, use the Disillusionment Charm to become invisible for a while and move closer to the chest. This way you will be able to open it and get 500 coins.

Eye Chests

Walls with owls (Owl Wall)

As you explore the castle, you will surely come across walls carved with owl statues. It is enough to approach the owl and turn it several times. This will give you access to the hidden chest.

Walls with owls (Owl Wall)

Locked Doors

Locked padlocks and other doors can be opened using the Alohomora spell. It should be noted that higher-level castles can only be opened after finding a certain number of Demiguise Statues, which only appear at night:

  • Level 2 doors open after finding 9 statues;
  • Level 3 doors open after finding 13 statues.
Locked Doors

Half mask statues (Demiguise Statue)

Such statues can only be found at night. Use the Revelio spell to locate them. Also, these statues will become available after completing Mr. Moon's quest, after the season changes to autumn.

Half mask statues (Demiguise Statue)

Merlin Trial

Use the Mallowsweet ingredient on the stone circles on the ground to activate a small puzzle. Each puzzle will be special - you need to use magic, light fires, move balls and perform other actions using spells. For their implementation, you will increase the size of the inventory of the main character.

Merlin Trial

Astronomy Table

It will become available only after completing the "Astronomy Class" - it will appear after the change of the season and the completion of a number of story quests.

Astronomy Table

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